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SEO Dedicated Server

Colocation America has been an industry leader in hosting for over a decade, and we offer customized SEO Hosting to help meet your marketing goals. What sets our SEO plans apart from other provides is that we offer the benefits of hosting your sites on multiple C-class IP addresses in addition to our quality assurances, reliable network infrastructure and fast data transfer.  Optimizing your hosting setup to improve your search rankings requires unique IPs, maximum uptime and quick load times. Whether you have a large network of sites or want to maximize the search rankings on a given server, our SEO hosting solutions are built to perform.

SEO Hosting allows you to obtain multiple domains on a server, with each of them having a dedicated IP address. Every site has a domain name and a corresponding IP address. There are two main types of IPs: dedicated and shared. A dedicated IP is an address which is only used by you, whereas a shared address is just that, an IP address which is linked to various others. Each domain can be installed on a dedicated IP and their ranking on search engines will not be compromised. Normally, people are penalized for hosting many IPs on a single IP and linking them to each other.

Specifics:seo hosting

-Host using multiple IP’s

-Each IP on different Class C

-Each IP has a unique DNS

-Cost effective SEO plans

-Hosting with an industry leader

By listening to our clients and taking into account all of their needs, we at Colocation America launched the SEO Hosting division to help our clients reach their full potential. While many companies offer cookie cutter plans, we customize a solution for your specific needs. Whether you need multiple IPs or even to couple something up with a dedicated server bandwidth plan, we can make it happen.

Benefits of SEO Hosting

Informed site owners invest in the quality of their hosting services in addition to spending time improving the on-site elements of their pages. Having your site on the right server can make the difference between a prominent placement in the search rankings and falling behind your competition. As a result, working with Colocation America is an investment in the reach, reliability and popularity of your site. We focus on providing the infrastructure that gives your site an advantage in search. When you host with a traditional provider, you may be on an IP address linked to lower quality domains. We help circumvent this problem by giving our clients dedicated IP addresses in unique C-class blocks. A standard IP address follows the pattern 123.456.789.1. In this example, the server is hosted on the “789” c-class block and having a unique value can help provide equity to links you may have between multiple sites. If you have several high ranking sites on the same C-class, you may be missing out on their true link potential.  We provide high quality servers that offer you unique IP blocks to ensure your links count and your rankings continue to rise. Having the right IP address is an important component of your site’s profile, and we also ensure you have maximum accessibility, uptime and load speeds for both visitors and search engines. Today, quality experience and site reliability play a role in search rankings at Google, Bing and Yahoo, and working with the trusted network engineers at Colocation America ensures your site is in good hands. Before you launch on a standard hosting plan, consider the vast upside provided by working with a top provider such as Colocation America. Not only are our SEO hosting plans more affordable than you might imagine, but the search ranking benefits will deliver an impressive return on your investment over time.