Monthly Archives: October 2010

Colocation America Announces their IPv6 Initiative

IPv6 was developed to meet the demands of the Internet’s rapid expansion, with its predecessor being IPv4. The most notable change between IPv4 and IPv6 is the actual address. An IPv4 address was composed of 32 bits [4 bytes], which was portioned between network and host. The new IPv6 address is now 128 bits long [16 bytes], with the host portion being derived from a MAC address.

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full cab colocation

Colocation America Announces Full Cabinet Colocation Special

Los Angeles, California, October 11, 2010- Colocation America offers affordable ways for companies to run their servers in a reliable and well-connected environment. With this in mind, they have just announced a new full cabinet colocation special, offering the best value on the market to its clients. If ones business justifies the means, a full rack can provide the best colocation hosting service possible

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