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Colocation America Launches CLLA, a Communication Platform for Businesses and Technology Providers

Colocation America (, a leading provider of colocation and dedicated servers, announces the launching of CLLA (, a communication platform with the objective of facilitating the connection between businesses and providers.


CLLA, formally known as Collocation America, was created to fit the growing needs of a secure and reliable technology solution for businesses around the world.

With the demand for hosting services increasing, CLLA will aid businesses in choosing the right provider for their needs no matter their size or budget. By engaging with CLLA, businesses will gain the knowledge of a group of experts. Once ready to move forward with their technology solution, businesses will be connected to a trustworthy and dependable provider part of the “Connection Network.” The “Connection Network” is a group of providers, chosen for their years of experience and expertise, who offer custom technological solutions for businesses in various industries. These providers are joined together under the name CLLA to offer business the right solution in their area and at a price they can afford.

“The CLLA communication platform is a great way for businesses to find providers with the most optimal resources needed for their technology solutions. Those looking to do business overseas or locally can benefit from our new platform by searching for a data center location that’s strategically aligned with their goals,” said Albert Ahdoot, Director of Business Development.

“We are happy to be bringing together multiple providers under one network so that businesses can find, compare, and choose the right provider for their needs,” said Samantha Walters, VP of Online Strategies for Colocation America. She continued, “We hope that businesses find the information and connections they need to succeed at CLLA and continue to come back!”

About CLLA

Launched in 2012, CLLA serves as a communications platform, connecting businesses with technology providers. Through the Connection Network, a group of providers brought together under the name CLLA, businesses can find the most reliable and secure technology solutions for their needs, in any location worldwide.

CLLA was created by Colocation America to expand on their vision to connect businesses and clients worldwide. With providers in nearly every major city in the United States and around the world, CLLA exemplifies the tagline, “Its All About Connections…”

For more information, contact Colocation America at 1-800-296-8915, email Sales(at)CollocationAmerica(dot)com, Twitter @ColoDataCenters, or visit