international youth day 2012

Colocation America Commends Young Entrepreneurs in Recognition of International Youth Day

Los Angeles, CA, August 13, 2012 – On Sunday August 12th, International Youth Day took place. International Youth Day aims to raise awareness about the adversities young people face such as high levels of unemployment, vulnerable work conditions and exclusion from decision making processes. The holiday is dedicated to building a better world by engaging in youth youth day 2012

Colocation America presents “5 under 25” to show appreciation to 5 young individuals that have inspired many youths of the world today.  “Young minds today are the movers and shakers of the online world.  Starting at a young age, you really have to prioritize school and work; it’s not that easy, says 23 year old Marketing Director Shawn Ahdoot.

In a continually changing world market place, it is increasingly important young people are made aware of advancement opportunities. After conducting research, Colocation America identified 5 young entrepreneurs who have made an impact in their field or started their own businesses for the sake of following their head and hearts. Ryan Morris, founder and CEO of Salute The Brave, Stacey Ferriera, Co-Founder of My Social Cloud, Anthony Martin, Co-Founder of ICracked, Kevin Smith, Chicago-based entrepreneur and owner of Kevin Smith Insurance Company, and Dax Herrera, VP of Technology for, have been identified for making an impact and carving out a niche within their respective field.

Salute The Brave is an apparel company that donates one item for every one item sold in care packages bound for troops overseas. They are dedicated to raising awareness and morale of our Men and Women in Uniform.

My Social Cloud is a web application that is designed to give users a place to store, access and share their social media content as well as store important information such as passwords to various websites and accounts.

ICracked is a smart phone repair company that specializes in repairing damaged iPhones, iPads and other related technology. iCracked aims to become the go-to smart phone repair company following rapid growth all across the world.

Kevin Smith is a Chicago based Entrepreneur, dedicated to fostering a better business environment through his various efforts within the Insurance and non-profit fields. Starting in the mid 2000’s, Kevin Smith’s Insurance Company has grown to offer its clients a simplified solution to all their financial and insurance needs.

Dax Herrera of is VP of Technology and has been writing code since his early 20’s. Working alongside Blue Grass Founder Greg Boser, Dax has been responsible for developing and implementing the digital tools necessary to make Blue Glass an industry leader for online marketing.

Congratulations to the 5 young entrepreneurs on their achievements in business and thank you to Salute the Brave, MySocialCloud, iCracked , Blue Glass and Kevin Conroy Smith Insurance for helping spread the word!