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Colocation America Enters Preferred Vendor Relationship with This Old Store to Meet Server Hardware Need

LOS ANGELES and SARASOTA, Fla., June 8, 2009 – Colocation America Corporation, a leading data center operator and managed services provider, announced today has entered a preferred vendor relationship with This Old Store, a provider of high-end server hardware, server parts, storage solutions, and data center equipment.full cabinet colocation

Operating from a climate-controlled 15,000 square feet warehouse in Sarasota, Fla., This Old Store stocks a wide array of inventory and can turn-around orders within minutes, helping to assure fast delivery of replacement parts or equipment when needed. As its preferred vendor, Colocation America purchases the vast majority of its servers and data center equipment from the company, and receives dedicated support and volume discounts.

“Businesses of all sizes rely on Colocation America to deliver reliable, affordable, and scalable hosting solutions. Meeting these sacrosanct commitments requires access to quality and competitively-priced hardware. For more than two years This Old Store has enabled us to deliver on the promises we make to our clients, and today we are taking our relationship to the next level,” said Michael Goldberg, vice president of sales and marketing for Colocation America Corporation.

“As one of the industries’s most recognized managed services provider, Colocation America is fueled by a supply of world-class hardware and data center equipment. Our commitment to both quality and low-prices has helped make This Old Store a natural trading partner with Colocation America. We’re excited to continue this mutually beneficial relationship for years to come,” said Stephen Jaynes, vice president of This Old Store.

Colocation America helps its customers maximize their technology investments and Internet presence through flexible, cost-effective and robust infrastructure hosting and management. The company is California’s leading data center operator and managed services provider and enjoys unmatched geographic diversity, vast technical and engineering expertise, and one of the industry’s strongest financial positions.

About Colocation America

The primary Data center located on the world famous One Wilshire building in Los Angeles (West Coast Hub) and 60 Hudson (East Coast Hub) for our New York data center allows for maximum scalability as major fiber carriers run directly allowing us to easily connect to virtually any backbone provider and scale our internet connectivity to meet clients needs. Additionally our Network is directly connected via Fiber Optic lines to the meet-me-room of the “One Wilshire” building allowing direct access to over 240 bandwidth providers in the word. For more information contact Colocation America at 1-800-296-8915, email Sales@ColocationAmerica.com, and visit www.ColocationAmerica.com