Colocation America Announces 5 Influential Women in the Data Center Industry for International Women’s Day

Colocation America honors 5 influential women in the data center industry for the 5th year in a row

Los Angeles, March 8, 2016 — Colocation America is pleased to announce its 5th Annual Top 5 Women in the Data Center Industry for 2016 which honors the achievements and contributions of five notable women in the data center industry.

international womens day 2016After careful consideration and research, Colocation America has named Maxine L. Moreau, Executive Vice President, Global Operations and Shared Services for CenturyLink; Laurinda Pang, Regional President of North America and Asia Pacific for Level3; Liz Centoni, Vice President, Engineering Strategy for Cisco; Cara Beston, Process Assurance Partner, Technology Risk & Compliance for PwC; and, for the first time, Lesley McVay, Executive Vice President of Facility Services, represents the Women of SUPERNAP as the most influential women in the data center industry for 2016.

This year’s list ( brings the total number of women honored to 25. Like the lists in the past, this year’s honorees come from an array of companies that are involved in the strategic positioning of their business within the industry.

“Although women represent 59 percent of the work force, they only hold 22.5 percent of leadership roles within the technology industry,” says Samantha Walters, VP of Online Strategies at Colocation America. “Despite the low representation, it is actually increasing every year.”

To support and promote more women in the industry, for the first time in “Top 5 Women” history, Colocation America is honoring an entire team of women executives: SUPERNAP. This marks the first time researchers have discovered an executive team with 33 percent of women represented.

“When I first wrote the article back in 2012, I never thought I could even find 25 women in the data center industry. Today, I am proud to say I found that and so many more making a difference in the world,” adds Walters.

Congratulations to the women honored this year, the women honored in the past, and those, although not honored, continuing to make an impact in the lives of women and men around the world. Thank you for inspiring the next generation of women to follow your steps into a career in the technology industry.

Lastly, to the companies that hire women in technology, including the employers of these women—CenturyLink, Level3, Cisco, PwC, and SUPERNAP—thank you for your continued support.

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