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45 Elementary School Girls from Playa Vista Learned About Computer Engineering and Dinosaurs in One Day Through Project Scientist

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 28, 2019 — On President’s Day, 45 girls from Project Scientist loaded onto a bus at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) to embark on a science-filled journey to Colocation America and then to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles (NHMLA). Project Scientist’s partner, Friends of Playa Vista Elementary, awarded scholarships to eight of their top students to attend this field trip expedition.

The employees at Colocation America immediately engaged the girls in conversations about hard drives and the components that allow computers to process information and connect to the internet with speed. The girls were able to take apart a hard drive and see how the different parts process and store data. In addition, they learned about domain names, IP addresses and search engines. They also toured the facilities, seeing the employees’ work areas and hard drive storage cooling units. The girls walked down the hallways of the cooling units, squealing with glee as the high speed fans blew air all around them.

“My favorite part about today was in the wind place at the computer place,” said Grace Parish, Project Scientist student. “It was icy cold in there so the machines don’t melt!”

The second half of the expedition took place at NHMLA where the girls toured the Nature Lab, participated in a scavenger hunt in the Dinosaur Hall, and engaged in hands-on activities. The older girls used their math and creativity skills for a dinosaur nutrition activity while the younger girls learned about adaptation, spending their time investigating and gathering evidence to understand why dinosaurs went extinct.

“I always love Project Scientist because I get to do stuff that I never do and go places that I would never get to go,” said Raine G., Project Scientist student.

Project Scientist hosts these field trip expeditions throughout the school year and each week during the Summer STEM Academy to maintain and build girls’ interest in STEM. Expeditions bring home the relevance of STEM to girls through a VIP behind-the-scenes look at STEM companies and face-to-face interaction with female STEM professionals.

“It’s, like, so cool to come and get a break when it’s school time,” said Gabie S., Project Scientist student. “It makes me want summer to hurry up and come so I can go to camp and make more Oobleck.”

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