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Colocation America Announces SEO Web Hosting for Continuous High Rankings

May 30, 2010 — Colocation America, a leading colocation server hosting company, announced today its search engine optimization (SEO) web hosting plans designed to launch businesses to the top of search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Colocation America designed its SEO web hosting to get maximum exposure and high ranking from search engine crawlers.dedicated seo server

Businesses who want the best rankings in Google and Yahoo in order to reach their audience and generate quality leads turn to Colocation America’s SEO web hosting, says Michael Trunkett, President of Colocation America. The best SEO covers every level of a website, and while each business is responsible for its online content, Colocation America provides individual C-class IP addresses for backlink recognition.

Search engines weigh many different factors to determine ranking. Spreading IP addresses over several different domains boosts the quality of a website’s backlinks and protects a website from association with low quality domains. SEO web hosting at Colocation America includes multiple C-class IP addresses for increased link potential. Colocation America’s flexible SEO hosting plans maximize rankings for both a large network of sites or for the sites on a given server.

In addition to SEO hosting, Colocation America guarantees 100% uptime and fast loading times so search engine crawlers can always index your website’s updates and changes, says Trunkett. With Colocation America’s state-of-the-art hosting infrastructure and network experts, customers can help improve their SEO strategies.

Colocation America’s SEO web hosting plans can be customized for many websites, with a central control panel to manage every IP and domain. Colocation America’s certified engineers ensure a smooth setup and constant uptime during migration. Visitors abandoning a website due to slow loading times contribute to a drop in search engine rankings. Colocation America regularly maintains its servers for constant peak performance and swift loading times, which also contributes to higher ranking.

With Colocation America SEO web hosting you get high ranking, consistent uptime, and lightning fast data transfers to help you achieve your business goals and stay ahead of the competition, says Trunkett. Colocation America also gives you 24-7-365 support and flexible hosting options so your web hosting is the right fit for your business.

Customers looking for reliable search engine optimization hosting based on multiple C-class IP addresses, state-of-the-art software and hardware, and certified and experienced engineers are encouraged to visit to learn more about Colocation America’s SEO web hosting.