los angeles server hosting

Top Los Angeles IT Companies and Professionals Select Colocation America for Their Server and Hosting Needs

Colocation America (https://www.colocationamerica.com), a leading provider of colocation and dedicated servers, announces its exclusive status as the preferred choice of IT companies and professionals – in Los Angeles and throughout the nation – for their hosting and server needs. This honor reflects Colocation America’s key benefits, which include (among other things) 100% guaranteed uptime, scalable premium bandwidth (for sudden increases in web traffic) and access to expert personnel who provide rapid responsiveness to any sudden issues or challenges.

los angeles server hosting

By hosting within Colocation America’s infrastructure, Los Angeles-based IT companies and businesses nationwide would receive additional advantages, including: redundant UPS backup power protection, high-end multi-layered security, complete autonomy and the flexibility to easily enhance network infrastructure and install applications and/or have a trained technician from Colocation America perform these tasks. This level of convenience and protection also appeals to both IT professionals and the clients they represent.

Along with a strong emphasis on protection – the data center itself has CCTV surveillance cameras and biometric clearance access, further strengthened by security guards who patrol this space around-the-clock – IT companies have a trusted partner with Colocation America. All of these features fulfill the needs and expectations of IT consultants, who advise a variety of businesses nationwide.

“The resources we provide for IT companies and entrepreneurs, particularly those in the Greater Los Angeles Area, are the result of our thorough knowledge of this industry and the advantages these groups want to receive. Our unparalleled credibility in this field earns us the respect – and continued support – of IT executives and their personnel,” says Albert Ahdoot, Director of Business Development for Colocation America. “With these benefits – and the 100% guaranteed uptime that is a hallmark of our service – Colocation America is the solution for IT professionals across the United States.”

About Colocation America

Established in 2000, Colocation America has grown to become one of the most reliable colocation and dedicated server providers in the US. Based in Los Angeles, California, Colocation America was built from the ground up by professional network engineers with a vision of delivering fully integrated, trusted colocation and server hosting services. Through their attention to detail, high level of customer service and retention, Colocation America has earned a reputation of excellence in the data center world.

Colocation America’s primary data centers are located at the world famous One Wilshire building in Los Angeles, with other data centers located in New York, New Jersey, San Francisco and Chicago. For more information about Colocation America, please visit https://www.colocationamerica.com.
For more information contact Colocation America at 1-800-296-8915, email Sales(at)ColocationAmerica(dot)com Twitter @ColocationUSA, or visit ColocationAmerica.com.