Colocation America Announces Ranking of Top VoIP Providers

Los Angeles, CA, June, 19 2012- The VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) industry has experienced a 16.7% annual growth between 2007 and 2012. As one of the fastest growing technology industries, there have been many companies that have attempted to succeed in this area.  However, few companies have survived in the long run and been able to provide a sustainable service since the advent of VoIP technology. Colocation America has named five companies that stand out above the rest: Broadcore, OnSIP, Axvoice, IPsmarx and Vocalocity.
In order to be considered for review, the companies had to have a cached homepage from four years ago. The homepage was observed using a tool from The Internet Archive that allowed Colocation America to view an earlier version of the site. This helped not only to find which sites generated enough users to be cached, but also gave a screenshot so that the level of sophistication of the site could be determined. Next, the criteria for choosing the top five VoIP providers included a comparison of the companies from 4-7 years ago until now. Colocation America took some things into account that stayed the same, such as specializing on small businesses; as well as some things that changed, like a user interface that became more colorful and user-friendly rather than informative. After the consideration of many sites, Colocation America finally settled on five that have not only been in the VoIP industry since the beginning, but have continued to thrive in this increasingly competitive market.
As a VoIP hosting provider, Colocation America is constantly looking for the best VoIP providers to deliver to their clients, making this ranking system a valuable instrument in determining which companies have true longevity, even in an unpredictable economy. Marketing Director of Colocation America, Shawn Ahdoot stated, “The VoIP industry has been transcending to be one of the most prominent industries.  Since its growth, companies have come and gone, but only a handful were able to make the necessary changes to their website to attract the eyes of viewers today.  Whether it’s through social media, blogging, or a website facelift, these companies had to do what was necessary to grow to what they are today.”