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22 Dec 2012

The Top 5 Smiles of The Week

Work gets boring sometimes. Why not waste some time and have a few laughs on us…

Let’s face it, each week news sources force boring and depressing content into our lives. But have no fear, Colocation America is here. Below are the top 5 things that made me smile this week. What made you smile?

top 5 smilesTop 5 Smiles of the Week: December 15 – 21

I know, I know, it has been a month since I updated the Top 5 Smiles of the Week. Sorry, I was out and about traveling the world helping people.

Serious, no joke but now I am back to bring you some smiles and time wasters.

Speaking of time wasters, who here has spent time researching or freaking out about the end of the world? Hopefully you did not spend all your money or quit your job…

Anyways, below find my Top 5 Smiles of the Week with a little added attention to “holiday” smiles.

5. Gangnam Style Dances Past Justin Bieber

Hey sexy lady, did you check out that music video? Well, chances you did. After just 5 months on YouTube, Psy’s dance anthem has surpassed the Bieber to be the most viewed video of all time. With over 1 Billion views, Gangnam Style is the first and only video to reach this huge bench mark. This song is so popular that even kids in a little rural Nicaraguan fishermen village knew every move and, oh yeah, how to say “sexy lady” in English. In case you are not one of the 4,000 people viewing the video every minute, check it out below:


4. “Where you at?” Google Maps Knows

Ok, this might be old news for most people but it is definitely front and center for me: Google Maps for iPhone is amazing. Wait, let’s back up. Apple failed when they did a new iOS update and killed the “maps” application. I mean, how many people used the iPhone maps and got lost?

I know I did so when I got back to the states and was told that Google came out with an iPhone map app that actually worked, I was all over it. Needless to say it was a great Hanukkah gift to, well, me. Oh and in case you missed it, the app actually gives you directions while you walk! Check out video overview below:


3. Buzzed Buzzer Helps Identify Drunks

Anything that has to do with drunken technology, I am there. This time around two geniuses got together to make a party horn that is only operational by drunks. No really, the party horn only works when the user has had a good amount of booze.

A small micro controller and breathalyzer alcohol sensor inside the party horn helps determine if you are the lucky party-goer that can make the noise. So buy the party horn and give it to the drunkest person at the party. If that drunk is you, invite me over next time – you must know how to party!


2. From Infinity to Beyond:

Buzz Lightyear Suit is new NASA SpacesuitHey 90′s kids, remember Toy Story and how awesome Buzz Lightyear was and is? Well NASA has just released its new prototype spacesuit that looks very similar to the one Buzz would wear.

The new flexible, white, lime green suit is supposed to help astronauts walk on planets, asteroids, and during “spacewalks.” Known as the Z-1, this suit has a backdoor entrance where astronauts must climb in the back before being “zipped up” and secured. At the end of the day, it’s a freaking Buzz Lightyear spacesuit to me and I am down for that!

1. Apocalypse Fail:

The Mayan Calendar Starts Over Again I am not one that counts my chickens before they hatch but hey I’m just going to say it – we survived the last day on Earth! But hey, I am not the first one to do it! NASA released a video last week debunking the whole thing but still… surviving an apocalypse deserves a smile and you, my friend, survived.

In case you are confused let me catch you up: apparently today, December 21, 2012, is the last day of the world. Thanks to the Mayan calendar, Nostradamus, and the winter solace people have been preparing for the end of the world for years. And in the holiday spirit, I won’t even make fun of them instead I am going to post that NASA video. Enjoy!


BONUS Holiday Smile: Attack of the Snowman

This year marks the third edition of the “Scary Snowman” prank where this dude dresses up as a snowman, parks himself outside a crowd shopping area, and pops out at naive shoppers. Needless to say, this prank is among my favorite holiday-time wasters. Plus it reaffirms my faith in humanity but more on that another time.


If that didn’t tickle your fancy, check out these cute puppies playing in a winter wonderland. Let’s call this a CLA team gift to you, our readers:


Top 5 Smiles of the Week:

Wine Baths, Wii U, 22 Minute Underwater Breath Holding, World’s Smallest Dog, and Peeing Games, what do they all have in common? They made us smile this week. Check out Amazon Wine and Wine Baths in Japan, Wii U Confuses 90′s Kids, Breath Holding World Record, World’s Smallest Dog almost Trash, and Men’s Bathrooms Get Peeing Games. This week is mostly about liquid, can you figure out how?

5. Wine for Everyone — Amazon Wine and Wine Baths in Japan

It can never be a bad week when the latest news surrounds wine. Yep, wine. Amazon, who seems to sell everything, is now selling wine or well is the middleman for wine sales. Pretty much, Amazon Wine offers customers a selection of around 1,000 wines for prices ranging from $5 to $200. Unfortunately it only operates in 12 states. Luckily, California is one of them so now we have booze by delivery. Oh and Japan now has a Wine Bath, check out the Wine Bath Video

4. Wii U Confuses 90’s Kids

Any 90’s kid knows the joys of handheld games. Remember the original Nintendo Game Boy? I mean mine was clear and a freaking box! Then it went to color, DS, 3DS, and now Wii U – well kind of. Nintendo is pulling a Sony with this new system. Didn’t Sony already have gaming, TV, and browsing on a handheld device like 5 years ago? Now there are tablets and mini laptops (notebooks) as well as regular TV game consoles. But that isn’t good enough for Nintendo they need to combine them all! A handheld device that feeds off the TV… Yeah… nevertheless, here it is and it reminds me of” back in the days when I was young, I am not a kid anymore.” WiiU Video.

3. The 22 Minute World Record: Underwater Breath Holding

How long can you hold your breath? Well Stig Severinsen can hold his breath underwater for 22 minutes! Stig is a World Champion Free Diver and breath control expert who holds a PhD in medicine and has a bestselling book. In conclusion he is a fish with a brain! Underwater Breath Holding Record Video.

2. World’s Smallest Dog Almost Trash

Usually this would be THE smile of the week but since it came out on Friday of last week, it doesn’t really count on this list. Whatever, let’s be rebellious together. Meet Meysi, the world’s smallest dog, measuring in at just 7cm tall, 12cm long, and 150g. She was so small when born that her owner almost threw her out. Smallest Dog Ever Video.

1. Men’s Bathrooms get Peeing Games

Every woman wonders what happens in men’s bathrooms. For the fortunate few of us (or the chicks that had fun in college), we have seen inside the forbidden arena. We may have seen bears, racing horses, TVs on urinals and now videogames. The best part of this new videogame urinal? It is pee-controlled.  There are 5 games that pop up at random and range in concepts from hitting penguins to a trivia and coloring games. Now here is the real question, when will women get something awesome like this in our bathrooms? I mean we actually sit down and spend quality time in there! Men’s Pee Games Video.

Top 5 Smiles of the Week: November

A Dwarf Star, Disney’s Star Wars, the Pope, Twitter, a 9-year-old girl, and MIT, what do they all have in common? They made us smile this week. Check out Super-Earth Found to be Orbiting a Dwarf (star), Disney and Star Wars oh my!, Jamming with Jam with Chrome, The Pope and Twitter, and 9-Year-Old Girl Dominates Football League. Plus a special BONUS Smile: MIT and the Drunk.

5. Super-Earth Found to be Orbiting a Dwarf (star) 

Ok. I admit it, the title might be misleading. Here are the facts: evidence of a super Earth-size planet in a habitable zone of a star 42 light-years away was estimated to have liquid water – a key ingredient for organic life. This candidate for planet-ancy resides in a system of six worlds orbiting a stable elderly dwarf star (or so I read). Pretty much, I think this is cool and so should you! Check out the awkward video I found. Super-Earth Video.

4. Disney and Star Wars oh my!

Yep, Disney just claimed rights to create the next movie in the Star Wars franchise. I am actually kind of happy about it for the fact that I will be entertained: It sucks, I laugh. It’s good, I smile. It’s over dramatic, I make jokes. See it’s a win, win situation for me. Plus, if people keep on making these bad videos about it, I know I am sure to be in for a surprise. New Disney Princess Video.

Jamming with Jam with Chrome

Today when I was searching for smiles I came across this gem, Jam with Chrome. It is like Apple’s Garage Band but easier and not made by Apple. Of course if you are really serious about music this might not be for you. Then again, if you are person looking for a way to waste time this Friday go Jam with Chrome now. JAM with Chrome Video.

2. The Pope and Twitter

First off, the Pope is now going to use Twitter. Enough said. Enjoy the Pope’s first experience using an iPad in the video below. Now to a second point, Twitter sucks at times. I mean, Twitter Mess Ups could be its own column. This week Twitter accidentally reset my passwords. Oops. Oh and there was a”not” drunk girl that made a splash on Twitter the night of the Election – more on that in the bonus smile below. The Pope and Technology Video.

9-Year-Old Girl Dominates Football League

Sam Gordon could be the coolest little kid I have seen in a while (not be mistaken with my nephew or my campers, of course). I am pretty sure that she will take over the world and therefore is in the top smile of the week position. Mazel Tov Sam Gordon from Salt Lake City! Check her out, it is insane! Girl Dominates Football League Video.

BONUS Smile: MIT and the Drunk

So a young woman was not allowed to enter her poll station because she was wearing a MIT shirt. And when I mean a MIT shirt, I mean a shirt that represents Massachusetts Institute of Technology NOT Mitt Romney. Unfortunately many election workers understood the shirt was worn in support of Mitt Romney and thus did not allow the girl to answer (its against the law to campaign at the polls). But don’t worry, they figured it out and she got to vote.

Oh and the drunk chick is Diane Sawyer. Wait, sorry, I mean the “overworked” Diane Sawyer. Honestly, I do not care either way but what the heck was she talking about in this clip? Minnesota what? O’Rama? Diane Drunk Video.

Top 5 Smiles of the Week: October 20 – 26

Mellow Mushrooms, children, the word “peace” iPad Mini, and Donald Trump, what do they all have in common? They made us smile this week. Check out Mellow Mushrooms in the Streets, Children say the Darnest Things, The Romney Word Count Game, white iPads, and The $5 Million College and Passport Record. 

5. Mellow Mushrooms in the Streets

If a huge mascot in a costume doesn’t make you click, then nothing will. This week, the pizza chain Mellow Mushrooms took “following” to the extreme by actually following new Tweeter followers in real life. Un-expecting pizza lovers got a little visit by a giant friend, and some pizza, for following the pizza joint. The best thing about this, it was all videotaped on hidden cameras: Mellow Mushroom Twitter Video.

4. Children say and sing the Darnest Things (@RonClarkAcademy)

Children always make for great and happy news. This week the trending topic involved children talking about politics and the next president. At the same time, it was announced that researchers have created a new video game, RAGE Control, that teaches children how to control and maintain their anger. So while all of the children are ranting and raving about the current economic crisis, pop in this game and teach them how to control their anger. Maybe adults should try this too. Ron Clark Academy’s Election Song Video.

3. Peace, Hope, and Leadership: The Romney Word Count Game (@MittRomney)

Despite popular belief, politics are not all fun and games. Well, until it is made into a game. Presenting the Romney Word Count Game: count the amount of times Romney says peace, hope, and leader(ship) in his closing remarks. Whether you love or hate him, spend the next couple of minutes seeing if you can count them all (skip to 2:25). Winner may even make our top 5 smiles of next week… Third Presidential Debate Closing Comments Video.

2. White Minis are Trending(@Apple)

Unless you were living under a rock, you have heard about the new iPad Mini. This new addition to the Apple family is NOT a 7-inch tablet (and will never be one) but is a “great” alternative to the iPad or so Apple says. Really, who cares? Well apparently a lot of people because the white minis are sold out. Yep, you heard it; the white ones are the money makers. And this makes us smile because new technology, good or not, is worth a smile. iPad Mini Video.

1. The $5 Million College and Passport Record (@realDonaldTrump)

Private records are, well, private. Then again, normal societal rules don’t always apply to Donald Trump. Trump has just offered $5 Million to President Obama’s charities of choice if he would give up his private records. The President has until 5PM on Halloween (October 31st) to turn it all over to Trump. Will he do it? Probably not but the fact that one person’s records can go for $5 Million, is a reason to smile. Trump $5 Million Video.

Top 5 Smiles of the Week: October 13 – 19

Romney, Drake, Skydiving, and Smart Bras, what do they all have in common? They made us smile this week. Check out Binders Full of Women, Drake, Skydiving from the Edge of Space, a smart Bra that can detect breast cancer, and Romney with Chloe. All smiles are included with video. Happy Friday!


You heard it in the debate and now you can visit the site. Just 2 minutes after Romney talked about “binders full of women” the new site was up and running. The fact that I am smiling has nothing to do with politics but with the fact that it takes 2 minutes to purchase a domain, create a site, and start a social media and news frenzy. To top it off, for just 10 dollars you can help send a binder full of facts on women to Romney’s campaign. So far, to date, 130 people have donated $3,130 to the cause. Binders Full of Women Video.

4. Drake gets a Degree… From High School

School is important and Drake knows this all too well. Drake, real name Aubrey Graham, spent just 8 years playing high school student Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation and this week he tops off his high school cred by getting a B+ in his final high school class. Hopefully now Drake can move past his high school life, as seen in his video for HYFR (Hell Ya F**king Right), and make his first billion. Congratulations and good luck! HYFR Video.

3. Skydiving from the Edge of Space

Remember that crazy scene in the movie Ironman where Ironman kind of skydives from space and survives? Well apparently it can happen. This week Felix Baumgartner, an Austrian daredevil, rose to the edge of space Sunday – some 128,100 or 24 miles in the air – and plunged down faster than the speed of sound. At one point in the jump, he was going 833.9 mph smashing his goal to break the sound barrier. What is even cooler about this whole jump is the video, check it out! Skydiving Video.

2. Smart Bra to the Rescue! A bra that can detect cancer?

So this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and blurbs about technology that helps prevent breast cancer are popping up everywhere. One blurb that made its way into trending news this week is the First Warning System bra. The technology used is based on discovering tissue changes that is evident way before the tumor is present. So ladies, the next time you need a new sports bra think of using this “smart bra.” Smart Bra Video.

1. Romney with Puppies!

Last week trending news was about Romney and his unfortunate Google image search results for the phrase “completely wrong.” Realizing this is a ridiculous piece of news I spun it for my own entertainment value and came up with “Romney with Puppies.”

Next thing I know the photo of Chloe, a dog that runs around our office and sits on my desk, is all over the internet: Romney with Puppies has come alive. So without further ado, here is the photo of Chloe with Romney (not on top of a car, don’t worry) and a nice live cam of puppies! P.S. Happy Pitbull Awareness Month. Puppy Video.

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