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Managed Hosting

We offer a comprehensive range of colocation hosting solutions, managed hosting and network services to keep your systems connected so that you can set your focus on other aspects of the business. Colocation America offers cutting edge colocation hosting solutions to address your storage, security and availability requirements. With instant access to more than 240 leading Tier-1 bandwidth providers, we have the scalable network to ensure the performance and reliability your business needs to flourish. We have data centers all throughout the United States including, One Wilshire data center in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York waiting to meet our clients’ needs.
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Nearly every colocation facility offers some prime level of managed services, such as remote hands, port management, and hardware hot swap. Additional services associated with managed hosting plans are server administration, managed routers and bandwidth, and storage solutions. If you are deciding between managed colocation or colocation hosting, please take a look at the differences between managed colocation and colocation hosting. Quality of such services is a main evaluation element for multiple potential consumers and will regularly trump cost.Growing businesses need a strong technical foundation. Properly managing your network and server for optimal efficiency and return on investment can consume your time and require expertise your staff may not have. At Colocation America, our managed hosting services give your business everything you need to run your servers. Our support technicians have extensive experience in the web hosting industry so all your questions will get answered knowledgeably and promptly. Our actively maintained hardware and software are the best in their class so you can rely on superior functionality at all times. End-to-end network security protects your business’ priceless data from natural disasters and network threats.

Standard Features for All Managed Hosting Plans:

  • End-to-end security monitoring and auditing for data centers, network, and physical infrastructure.
  • Redundancy for data centers and network.
  • Tools for remote access and management.
  • Comprehensive reporting on network, hardware, software, applications, and security.
  • Premium bandwidth
  • 99.99% uptime, guaranteed.
  • Network storage and backups for all data.
  • Flexibility to design a your own system

Managed dedicated servers include the following services:

managed hosting
Hardware Management
  • Web server installation, configuration, monitoring, clustering
  • Database installation, configuration, tuning, monitoring
  • Web server and database support, 24-7-365
Software Management
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Patches, upgrades and backups
  • Software administration and support, 24-7-365
Application Management
  • Installation and configuration
  • Management and monitoring
  • Patches and upgrades
  • Application maintenance and support, 24-7-365

Managed colocation server services include the following:

Network Management
  • Firewall setup and configuration
  • Network infrastructure management
  • Network maintenance and support, 24-7-365
Hardware Management
  • Web server installation, configuration, monitoring, clustering
  • Database installation, configuration, tuning, monitoring
  • Web server migration
  • Web server and database support, 24-7-365
Software Management
  • Software administration and support, 24-7-365
Application Management
  • Application maintenance and support, 24-7-365
Colocation America offers a general server management plan that covers basic server management needs, monitoring services, and server health reports for business critical IT system. The general server management plan includes the following services:

24/7 Proactive Server Monitoring

A team of dedicated IT gurus will carefully monitor and maintain your dedicated server. Server hardware be constantly evaluated and you will be notified if any are prone to failure. In case of failure, a text, e-mail, or phone notification will be sent out and a support ticket will be opened for your account. We will tell you what the problem is, how we can fix it, and then ask for your permission before we begin.

Weekly Scheduled Maintenance

An expert IT guru will perform weekly update services to keep your server and all your software up to date. This includes operating system updates and firewall definition updates for improve security. All update that’s installed are white-labeled and tested by certified technicians. This is to ensure that the updates to do negatively impact your server and there was no security flaws on new patch and software updates

Firewall Monitoring and Maintenance

We will take care of your firewall settings and configure the firewall to match your needs for both server side firewall and dedicated firewall. This includes any port configurations, firmware updates, and security updates.server management

Server Side Anti-Virus

IT gurus will make sure that your servers stay clean and uninfected. For maximum security, get a dedicated guru to manage and remove your server anti-virus programs to make sure that nothing gets by.

Onsite or Offsite Backup Monitoring and Maintenance

Your server will be backed up in an onsite location or offsite location depending on your requirements. We will handle the backup procedure and disaster recovery plan to make sure that you will be able to get back up and running if anything happens to your servers.

Quarterly Network Health Reviews and Security Audits

Every 3 months you will have the chance to sit down with an IT guru to go over the performance and health of your server. They will also perform security audits to ensure that your servers are impenetrable and (if needed) in compliance with any industry regulations.

Monthly Server Health Reports

Each month you will be updated with a Server Health Report that details your server performance and status. It will also note any potential problems and the urgency of each problem. These reports are designed to keep you updated on the performance of your dedicated machine.