August 26, 2020
fog gaming

What is Fog Gaming?

Some of the most popular video games require online connectivity. These video game produce an incredible amount of data which is processed and delivered by data centers. Games like Fortnite and World of Warcraft can produce about 100 GB of […]
August 19, 2020
touchless touchscreen

What Is Air Button Technology?

The world is in much need of contactless technology, and even more so as we continue to live through this pandemic. Many industries have had to adapt and change how it operates. Companies are rushing to develop this innovation, which […]
July 28, 2020
tech pandemic

How the Pandemic and Technology Will Change Education for the Better

The pandemic is forcing schools around the world to reimagine how to educate.  These changes are happening in real-time to meet the demands of today.  This is not typical for the educational realm.  Educational organizations, especially public schools, are complex […]
July 23, 2020
data technology

How Data Technology Is Improving Businesses

Every business requires appropriate data analytics to get the appropriate facts for making decisions. Fortunately, the current technology has made it easy for both small and big businesses to achieve this. Data analytics involves the use of numerous processes and […]
July 21, 2020
green data center

Green Data Center – What You Need to Know

: What comes in your mind when you hear the word ‘green’? You would instantly think that it might be something related to the environment. Yes, the word ‘green’ has become synonymous with environment-friendly. The same goes when we talk […]
July 21, 2020
what is saas

How Can SAAS Make Business Owners More Competitive and Efficient: SAAS Myths Debunked?

From automated emails to fundraising, contemporary business apps prove to be very useful for entrepreneurs as they handle business and allow the business owners to concentrate on rapid business growth and development.   Such integrated solutions work on tablets, smartphones, […]
July 16, 2020

Autonomous Cars as a New Generation of Data Center Requirements

As technology in cars continues to expand, so does the amount of data that vehicles collect on their owners. Automotive manufacturers and suppliers may use this data to offer services to their customers that can benefit them. This data can […]
July 8, 2020
covid 19

6 Ways Coronavirus Is Going to Change the IT Industry Forever

These days, there’s a lot of talk about things going back to normal. Of course, the ‘normal’ here refers to the world before coronavirus. The world with bustling streets, jam-packed stadiums and crowded malls. A world where a handshake is […]
June 30, 2020
security online

8 Ways to Increase Your Online Security

It isn’t easy to imagine a world without the internet, even though it existed not that long ago. Almost every aspect of modern life, especially in business, involves the internet at some point. It’s an incredible resource, but it also […]