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UPDATE: Enhanced Security with Gentoo Linux

Albert Ahdoot

Editor’s Note: The original article (posted below the line) was published on March 14, 2013. An update on the subject matter was sorely needed….

While the average computer user isn’t super familiar with Linux, the developers of the world are well versed in the different distributions of the platform. Gentoo Linux is yet, another free operating system that is highly customizable.  It’s a favorite in the secured server community because of developers’ commitment to security.

The community is over 300 developers large, and thousands of users have adopted the platform for their OS of choice, whether for working or for gaming. Their wiki introduces the architecture and the bare bones of Gentoo, but the discussion forums are where you really get to learn the ins and outs.

The most exciting part of Gentoo Linux is that security is at the forefront. The security team responds to issues and bugs in a timely manner, recruiting “Padawans” who want to help out the cause. There are tips on installing Gentoo properly, and announcements called GLSAs (Gentoo Linux Security Announcements) that are distributed if something is on their radar. GLSAs include the issue, possible workarounds, and the resolution once the vulnerability has been defeated.

Remote desktop computing is probably the best use of Gentoo, but it’s also been proven to be a reliable secure server tool as well. There are data centers that offer it to their dedicated server clients because of its positive reputation.


Truth be told, there are at least a dozen Linux based distributions that can be configured to run applications on a dedicated server.

gentoo linux

The beauty of the Linux based operation system is that it can be optimized to run multiple distributions. Gentoo Linux is yet another fine distribution that can run on Linux. A Gentoo Linux Server is highly configurable and packs a punch in the security department.

Best Linux Server

Truth be told, there are nearly a dozen Linux based distributions that can be configured to run applications on a dedicated server. To some, the best Linux Server is the Gentoo Linux server. This is because much of the Gentoo community is obsessed with security and the confidentiality of the user. Gentoo developers often work directly with third party vendors making sure that problems are addressed promptly and correctly the first time around. posts security updates often as well as tips on how to keep your Gentoo Linux Server secure at all times.

Gentoo at a glance

The Gentoo community is comprised of 300 developers, all of whom are dedicated to the long term support and development of this Linux based distribution. Like all other Linux distributions, Gentoo relies on the support of the community ensuring a user friendly experience. A Gentoo linux server is well suited for remote desktop use, web development as well secure server configurations.

Gentoo Linux Servers run a designated software distribution called Portage, which simplifies desktop computing functions for each individual user. With Portage users can customize their settings and fine tune the hardware on their machine on the fly. Of course, like every other Linux based OS, Gentoo is actively updated by the community of users and developers alike, ensuring server performance stays consistent, especially on the enterprise level.

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