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Friday Fun Blog: High-Definition Space Edition

Chris L

Welcome back to the Friday Fun Blog, America’s favorite and clear choice to be your next President. Please write us in. As always, we’re brought to you by Dave & Buster’s until they send a cease and desist letter, and even then I might not stop. In reality, this has just been a 3 year long plot to get a $100 gift card.
On to the links!

Obligatory Space Post of the Week: Space is about to get a whole lot more visible, as NASA has finished construction of the James Webb Space Telescope. What is the JWST, you ask? Well, it’s the successor to the Hubble telescope, and will allow us to see deeper into space and look at distant, early galaxies that may give us clues as to how the universe formed billions of years ago. It’s like Super Sizing your order at McDonalds, but instead of more fries and a larger drink, they give you steak and the ability to see in infrared. The JWST plans to launch in 2018, and will take a 30 day journey to its resting place behind the Earth, to shield from the sun. From there, it’ll take about 6 months to get everything ready in order to start doing science. AND SCIENCE IT WILL.

-Speaking of science, here’s a wonderful breakdown of 42 must-see sci-fi movies as chosen by the fine folks at Ars Technica. There’s some old classics on there like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alien, and Mad Max: Fury Road, and The Matrix. Huh, wonder why the left off the next two movies in The Matrix trilogy? (Hint: they suck).

-Being the victim of a home invasion is a terrifying experience that leaves people feeling unsafe in the one place they should find solace. However, when a koala invades your home, I’m pretty sure that’s a sign of good luck in Australia. I don’t know, everything is backwards and upside down there. (Via Mashable):

-Art can take on many forms, but this interactive gallery that features extensive use of projectors and animation takes consuming art to a whole new level. (Via Sploid):

And finally…
-Check out this video of unsatisfying moments that made me want to punch my computer screen. (Via BoingBoing):

That’s it for this week, enjoy your weekend!

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