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Happy IPV6 Day!

Albert Ahdoot



Happy IPV6 everyone!

No idea what we’re talking about? It’s okay, not many people are aware of what IPV6 is. IPV6 is the latest web address system [after IPV4] which will help to ensure that we can continue to use the Internet smoothly. Previously, it was thought that IPV4 address would be enough, but with the rapid growth of the Internet, almost all of those addresses are claimed. Currently IPV4 addresses consist of  32 numbers while IPV6 address consist of 128 numbers, offering up about 320 undecillion variations!

Here at Colocation America, we are ready to bring you into the IPV6 groove. Check out our IPV6 page with more information and nifty charts which break down the process & differences between the 2 types of addresses.

For more information on IPV6 Day, check out World IPV6 Day.

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