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Why should you choose Colocation America’s Network?

Colocation America was built by professional network engineers to provide a more secure and reliable way for businesses to stay online and profitable.

After years of building our infrastructure and working with our customers, we have designed a data center network that utilizes the latest technology to connect our customers to the best network providers and guarantees a 100 percent network uptime.

For more details on our network, you can fill out the form below or contact one of our sales representatives to give you further details.

Fast Speeds

Colocation America was built from the ground up by network engineers looking to offer businesses a secure and reliable way to stay online and profitable. Since then, Colocation America has continued to grow its network to offer clients the redundancy needed to fit all their network speeds

With Points of Presences in major hubs such as Los Angeles (One Wilshire), San Francisco (200 Paul), New York (60 Hudson), and Miami (NAP of the Americas), Colocation America has access to more than 200 premier Tier-1 carriers to offer any business’ IP service needs.

In order to ensure that you receive the highest level of connectivity at all times, all of our colocation and dedicated server plans come with BGP bandwidth, full meshed from the top-carriers in the world, on a GigE dedicated uplink.

By pulling from the top providers, we ensure our clients the fastest connection speed around.

Test it out for yourself:

Download Test FilesSpeed Test AppletTraceroute
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100 MB
1000 MB
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Speed Test Applet
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***The Download Test Files are used to test the speed of downloading from our Data Center. The Speed Test Applet is used to test the speed of your internet connection to your internet service provider. The Traceroute function is used to test the route your internet connection takes to get to our servers.

For more information on our super fast server speeds, don’t forget to fill out the form below, or you can always contact one of our representatives who can talk you through our different plans.

Experience the Network

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Get Connected

22 Locations

When you choose Colocation America, you are also choosing our network of 22 data centers across the United States—including the major hubs in:

  • Los Angeles (One Wilshire)
  • San Francisco (200 Paul)
  • New York (60 Hudson)
  • Miami (NAP of the Americas)
  • And many more!

Base Map Placeholder
Base Map

You are able to download the file above so quickly because it is coming from one of our major Points of Presence (POP) or access point, at One Wilshire in Los Angeles, California.

At Colocation America, we always ensure that you will be able to access your data with lightning speed from any one of our locations. For more information on each of our locations, you can visit our data center locations page.

Over 200 Providers

Colocation America also offers our customers the choice of over 200 premier Tier-1 carriers, including:

  • AboveNet (now Zayo)
  • Cogent
  • Level 3
  • Savvis
  • tw Telecom
  • nLayer (now GTT)
  • And many more!

With so many reputable providers to chose from, we are confident that our data centers can meet any of your demands. Our network is also carrier neutral, which means you can choose any provider that you like, we work with anyone!

So fast, you’ll think it’s magic

For more information, please contact one of our sales representatives. We will be happy to help you find the right provider for you and your business needs.

Cross Connections

Our data centers also provide cross connections to any customers who are interested. Cross connections are physical links between two or more businesses that wish to connect their networks. These servers are joined together by physical cables in the data center itself.

Cross connects have many advantages, including:

  • Facilitating traffic exchange projects
  • Bolstering network resiliency
  • Mitigating effects from disaster recovery processes

The most important thing to remember with cross connections is how fragile they can be. It is very easy to disconnect two servers, even an employee accidentally tripping over a cable can cause unexpected downtime. That is why we take our security so seriously, in order to avoid any downtime at all.

For more information on the network security measures we take to ensure your uptime, please check out our data center security page.

95th Percentile Bandwidth

When you chose Colocation America, you will always have access to the highest levels of connectivity with our Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) bandwidth, which has a full mesh topology from the top-carriers in the world on a 100 Mbps dedicated uplink.

You can also be sure there will never be any hidden fees, which is why we use the 95 percentile rule. This means that you will only be be charged for the regular traffic that your site gets, and not the unusual spikes or bursts that might occur from time to time.

You will never be charged for any bursts in traffic (both inbound and outbound) that reach the top 5 percent of your total traffic in a month. The next value under 95 percent will be the highest amount you will ever be charged for.

95th bandwidth

The image above shows an example website’s bandwidth usage over a month. As you can see, there were two brief bursts in bandwidth that reached nearly 800kb/s. We do not think a website should be punished for an unexpected surge in traffic. With our 95 percent rule, this site would only be charged for using less than half of their peak bandwidth. In fact, with our 95 percent rule, you can have bursts in traffic for up to to 36 hours every month without experiencing any overage charges whatsoever.

Here at Colocation America we offer several plans to fit the needs of your site. If your traffic ever exceeds your allotted bandwidth plan, you are always free to change to a plan that will add more bandwidth to accommodate increased traffic.

For a more detailed list of the different plans we offer, please visit our dedicated bandwidth page.

or you can always contact one of our representatives. We will talk you through our plans to figure out what is best for your needs.

When you choose Colocation America, you will get the whole package: a dedicated team of experts, a fast and secure network design that uses all the best providers in locations all across the country to ensure your site will always be up.

You work hard for your business, and we want to work hard for you too!