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The Differences Between Static and Dynamic IP Addresses

A static IP address means having one IP address assigned exclusively to your server. Almost all electronic gadgets with internet connectivity have either a static or dynamic IP address assigned to it in order for the device to be able to go online. An IP address allows a device to communicate over the internet with other devices or computers by telling where the data should go when accessing information. It is your home address for your computer which means it is indeed very crucial to having a stable connection to the Internet.

Static vs. Dynamic IP address

There are two methods of assigning IP address to your devices and computers. Either a static or dynamic IP address is assigned to a device when it connects to the internet. This goes the same way when we host your dedicated server. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages so choosing the best option for your situation will benefit you.static ip vs dynamic ip Having a static IP means an IP address will be assigned to your dedicated server only once and that IP address will belong to your dedicated server forever. A static IP address will be given out to your dedicated server so that every time it logs in it will be using the same IP address for all of its sessions. The benefits of having a static IP address are that it is a more dependable and secure IP address. With a static IP address you will have a constant IP address that only you will have access to without having to share with anybody else. Another benefit for a static IP Address is SEO Hosting. A dynamic IP address is typically used for computers that will only be logging in temporary. A dynamic IP address means that the IP address assigned to the computer are generated every time a new session begins so there are no consistency in the IP addresses as oppose to its static counterpart. Its one advantage is that since it generates IP address it has fewer limitations than the static method. Every time a computer start a new session online it can generate a different IP address to assign to that computer.

Which is better for My Dedicated Server?

Colocation America recommends having a static IP address for your dedicated servers. A static IP address provides you with the most secure and stable connection to the internet. IP Connectivity is what most of our clients look for when they sign up for our services and a static IP address will help provide a stable connection for any server. Having a dynamic IP address for your dedicated server can also put it at risk from spammers that can take advantage of having so many IP addresses being generated. A secure and dedicated static IP address will prevent spammers from ruining your reputation. Also with a static IP address you can be secure in building up your websites internet presence without worrying about losing its place in the virtual world.