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DDoS Attack Map Shows Realtime Cyber-attacks

ddos attack map
The Colocation America Staff

Ever want to see a visual map of cyber-attacks?  Sure you do…

We talk a little bit about security, keeping safe online and how to keep your data secure in the case of a threat.  One of the major threats to websites and data centers is DDoS attacks:  Distributed Denial of Service.  If you’ve ever wondered how many attacks go on per day and now we can see DDoS attacks happen in real time.

ddos attack map

DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are a calculated effort to hit an online service where it matters:  uptime.  Bringing down a service is achieved by spamming it heavily with traffic from different places by tapping into various computers and requesting them to access the target.

The DDoS attack map shows all the current attacks happening in real time all over the world.  Going around the map, you can see where the attack is coming from, who the target is and the severity of the attack based on a variety of factors.  It’s an amazing visual to see all the attacks going on at one time, sort of like a colorful rainbow of terror.  You can also use the cursor at the bottom to drag to a different date, allowing you to see heavier and lighter days and how that translates to the map.

Protecting yourself from a DDoS attack is crucial for online services—going down due to an attack can not only be bad for your data, but also for your business’ visibility and brand.  Taking the necessary steps to be proactive about DDoS attacks can go a long way in saving you some stress and frustration.  Setting up a firewall that alerts you of any potential intrusions, network monitoring and managed services can be a great deterrent or prevent some cyberthreats.

Overall, this is a great tool if you ever wanted to see what’s going on in the world of cybersecurity on any given day.

[Digital Attack Map]

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