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Friday Fun Blog: RIP Harambe Edition

Chris L

We’re back once again with the greatest pre-weekend link dump the world has ever seen! That’s right, it’s the Friday Fun Blog, and we’re brought to you by Dave & Buster’s, as always. One day Dave & Buster’s might do a quick Google search to see if they’ve been mentioned and will see a solid two-year’s worth of mentions from this here blog and be like, “When did we sponsor that?” That’s the day the world ends, but until then…

On to the links!

LEGO’s are man’s greatest invention ever. You hear that, Television?! LEGO’s are way better than you are. They provide hours of fun activity, and stimulating engagement that helps young and old alike expand their creativity in ways only they can dream. Also, LEGO’s allow you to make cool shadow art like this guy did (via Sploid):

Earlier this summer, tragedy struck zoos and the entire nation when beloved gorilla Harambe was senselessly murdered at the Cincinnati Zoo. Since then, the memory of Harambe has lived on through hashtags and memes, so much so that the Cincinnati Zoo had to shut down their social media accounts because they were getting bombarded.

RIP Harambe, you sweet prince.

Speaking of memes, there’s a bot that makes s**tposts that post to Facebook every half hour. Please enjoy S**tpost Bot 5000.

If you drive in the left lane on the highway and frequently find people passing you in the right lane, chances are you’re a jerk that doesn’t know how to drive and should have your license revoked. The left lane is meant for passing, not just another lane to clog up with your stupid car while you undoubtedly check your mobile phone while barely piloting your 2000lb death machine. Here’s a little more of an explanation from the folks at Vox:

Invisible water beads that you can deep fry? Invisible water beads.

And finally…

We always hear about the species on the endangered list or how some animal is close to extinction, but what we don’t realize is that we discover a TON of animals every year, and that’s awesome. It’s weird to think that in an age where all the information is at our fingertips that there is still life out there that we don’t know about, but it’s true. Here’s just a few of the amazing species we’ve discovered this year.

Enjoy your weekend!

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