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Friday Fun Blog: Pranks Edition

Chris L

Welcome back to everyone’s favorite time-waster on a Friday, The Friday Fun Blog! Voted by TIME Magazine as the greatest link dump the world has ever seen. As always, we’re (not) sponsored by Dave & Buster’s!

On to the links!

Pranks, the harmless kind (looking at you, crappy YouTube “pranks”), are always fun. Add in an almost-too-real dinosaur, and things get taken to a whole other level. Check out this video where British people get super scared of dinosaurs (via Sploid)

Humans developed the use of weapons and tools about half a million years ago, and since then, it’s been pretty sweet (minus those wars and stuff). We’ve ascended to the top of the food chain because of it, and industrialization has manufactured weapons at a high rate since. But how did our ancestors make their weapons? Probably like this. This guy makes a bow and arrow out of materials readily available in the area directly around his weird mud hut.  

NASA’s European equivalent, the European Space Agency (ESA), wants to build a base on the moon and I, personally, am all for this. Let’s make this happen. MOON BASE! MOON BASE! MOON BASE!

fake nasa

In other space news, researchers are positing that Saturn’s inner moons may have been formed recently—and by “recently” we mean 100 million years ago—from a combination of a giant ring and its contents, and some gravitational forces melding everything together. Experts say that, if this were true, chances of there being life on suspected life-supporting moons like Enceladus would be slim, as it would have to evolve within a short time frame. Again, that time frame being 100 million years. Just a friendly reminder that the universe is crazy and also super old.

A guy got arrested for allegedly not returning a video tape to a video store more than 14 years ago. Apparently, the man was pulled over during a routine traffic stop, and after the police officer ran a background check, he found an outstanding warrant for failure to return a video tape and was promptly arrested. The movie? Freddy Got Fingered. That’s even worse, but he deserves it for watching that crap.

And lastly

Rest in peace, Garry.

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