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This Week in Getting Hacked: State of the Hacking

password security
Chris L

Another week, another slew of cybersecurity stuff to talk about! It’s time for everyone’s favorite paranoia inducer—This Week in Getting Hacked!

On to the links!

-Last night at President Obama’s State of the Union address—besides throwing down a “drop the mic” worthy comeback to smarmy Republican applause about not running another campaign—he addressed the issue of cybersecurity, and outlined a few proposals on updates to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984. A few people jumped to some conclusions about the proposals, saying that under the new guidelines it’d be illegal to share even your HBO Go password with a friend. I doubt that’s true and is just a quick shot reaction, because I seriously doubt that the President is concerned I’m semi-legally watching Curb Your Enthusiasm. Plus, HBO wants you to share your account, so there’s that.


-In related news, President Obama’s former Privacy Director has said that America’s cybersecurity is horrible, so there’s that.

-With all the breaches and hacks of major companies this past year like Sony, Target, Home Depot and others, you’d think that your Average Joe Citizen would be on the up and up about cybersecurity. You’d also be dead wrong. Here’s a wonderful list of the most common passwords of 2014, and yes, they’re all incredibly simple. A special shout out goes out to the folks that used “trustno1” as their password. I hope your conspiracy theory blog is coming along well.

-Improved analytics on credit cards will start returning less false positives—charges flagged as fraudulent when they really aren’t—by building better profiles of the user and their spending habits. Grrr, that pesky credit card won’t get in the way of your shopping addiction! Not in 2015!

-Home security is just as important as cyber security, especially when everything is connected nowadays. That’s why smart home product maker Piper has introduced NIGHT VISION to their line of smart home security cameras. Let’s get this out of the way: anything with night vision is automatically better. Combine that with a built in microphone and motion sensor and you have one heck of a security camera on your hands.

-Do you suspect your significant other of being unfaithful? You took vows, for goodness sake! Well, now you can put your fears at ease or at all-time high levels of paranoia by hiring freelance hackers to break into their e-mail. You’ll either catch your SO in the act, or you’ll see all the weird promotions they’ve signed up for. Either way, a break up is imminent.

Keep it safe out there!

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