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Colocation America’s Great Computer Tools Series: Websites


For every Internet user there comes a time when their favorite website is either down for maintenance or just not cutting it for the day. Or if Reddit is down—that’s a real day-ruiner.

That’s where Colocation America has you covered (especially on a Friday).

Here’s a list of some of the best time-wasting-yet-interesting websites out there which is nowhere close to comprehensive but we spent too much time on these sites to look for more, so you’re going to get what you get, you hear! (I’m sorry, that was a little aggressive. Maybe this will calm me down).

Favorite and Forget Brings Only the Best Links Every Day.

It’s not every day that a website with a structure like an early-naughts webpage could be so captivating (wait, it is every day).

That’s what Favorite and Forget brings to the table. It’s just a few links a day of some of the most interesting things on the web. Definitely worth placing in your before-work-let-me-just-check-this-before-I-get-started routine.

Personally, I never thought I’d be so captivated by a ranking of this great country’s majestic national parks or how to fix my posture, but it happened. Enjoy.

The Best Place on the Web to Learn Anything, Free.

Have you ever wanted to learn something but thought that it would be either too expensive or too hard to find? Me neither, really—but if you did—the No Excuse List would be the place to check out.

learn for free

Photo Credit: (linked above)

Categorized places of free, online learning. Everything from computer programming to cooking, this site is giving you no excuses to learn valuable life skills. Just go and do it (I guess).

Leanflix Is the Easiest Way to Find Movies worth Watching on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and HBO (and It’s Free).

If you want to do the polar opposite of the No Excuse List, Leanflix is where you should start. That’s because it takes the ultimate time-wasting lazy-man activity and simplifies it.

And people say that miracles can’t happen.

tailored movie streaming

Photo Credit: (linked above)

Basically, Leanflix uses some fancy math and even fancier scroll bars to determine what you want to see and nothing else.

It removes all those boring documentaries and preachy independent films (unless you’re into that) and shows you what it thinks you’d want to watch. It could even tailor to a monkey (probably).

Podcast Awards: The People’s Choice

Do you want something similar to Leanflix but really don’t want to use your eyes because that’s too much work? The Podcast Awards has you covered.

User generated polls of the best podcasts on the planet separated by category. You really only have to use your eyes to set everything up, but after that it’s easy listening.

I have to give a shout-out to The Last Podcast on the Left, however. It’s a travesty they aren’t on any of these lists.

It’s about Learning a New Habit: Writing. Every. Day.

If you’re passionate about writing, a neat site that helps you free your brain of all it’s useless stuff so that you can focus on your awesome new screenplay about a lost beaver is 750 Words.

You sit down, write whatever you want, not worrying about spelling, grammar, flow, etc. until you reach 750 words (or what the website calls 3 pages). The thought behind this is that your brain will be able to express itself—or “clear the cache,” if you will.

This was an exercise we used to do in my 400-level fiction writing class in college, so I’m 67 percent sure this website is run by my old professor (I’m calling you out, Jenny).

Stephen King, renowned Boston Red Sox fan (and nothing more) does a similar exercise, but with a twist. This is what we’ll call 750 Words: God Mode. He writes 2000 adverb-free words every morning. Pretty cool exercise if you love to write!

Find the Most Shared Content on the Web!

Still in Beta, but still also in awesome, Ruzzit brings you the most shared content on the web.

Typically it’s just silly videos of celebrities doing things that normal people do in real life, but people pay them to do it. Cynicism aside, Ruzzit is actually pretty neat because you can search keywords, and sort by different social media platforms.

Also, Sia is really weird, right?

Measure 1 Billion with the Seconds of Your Life

This will be quick. Ever wanted to know what your 1-billion-second birthday is?

Billion Birthday will tell you. (As of this writing, I’ll be a billion seconds old somewhere in the afternoon of December 13th, 2021).

Discovering the Cartography of the Past

If you’re an amateur mapmaker like me, you’ll cherish Old Maps Online.

There’s a map of Hawaii when it was called the Sandwich Isle. And that’s your fun fact of the day.

Put Your Diet on Autopilot

If you’re an amateur fatass like me, you’ll cherish Eat This Much.

With custom meal plans which takes things like your budget, schedule, and food preferences into consideration, this site will help you lose weight and maintain the loss, until you forget to log one day and then it becomes more of a hassle than it’s worth. Right?

Take Me to a Useless Website

I’ll just leave The Useless Web here and y’all can go at it.

This is the best one it took me to (so far).

Hopefully your day just got a lot more procrastinate-ey. If not, go through the list again, and again until that clock strikes (let’s be real, no clock really strikes anymore?) the time where you can leave and go on your own computer and waste even more time.

Have any sites that you feel would be a great addition to this post? Comment below!

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