N + 1 Power Redundancies

Colocation America is committed to providing our clients with the power to keep them going, literally. Our data centers operate with N + 1 redundancy to ensure that a constant stream of power is being feed to all servers hosted within our data center facility. This allows us to maintain a 100% uptime for all of our colocation and dedicated hosting customers.

What is N + 1 Redundancy?

N+1 redundancy, also called parallel redundancy, is a safeguard to ensure that an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is in place to make sure that your server will always be available. In other words, your server operates on an UPS system designed to provide consistent power for your IT infrastructure plus another UPS system to act as a backup power generator in case of emergency. If a power outage occurs, the additional UPS system power generator, the + 1, will become available to generate power to your machine and ensure that the power supply to run your server efficiently and effectively is available. If any single piece fail, this backup is there to fill in the gap to keep our facilities running with constant power. Rest assured that your business' critical data and equipment will be up without a glitch thanks to our fault-tolerant data center designed for power redundancy.

See for Yourself

We welcome any potential clients to tour our data centers and check that our power redundancies are sufficient for the operation of their IT infrastructure.
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