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macOS Hosting

Colocation America understands that some people are just Mac people. Colocation America has a dedicated server for all the Mac heads out there that are looking to run the latest Mac Operating System (OS) server hosting with their favorite operating system. Reap the benefits of Apple’s latest macOS with its airtight security features and its world renowned user-friendly interface.

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What Is a macOS Web Server?

Calling all Mac fans: Colocation America is pleased to offer Mac Mini Colocation in support of Apple macOS . Eliminate the headaches associated with housing your own Mac server.  Simply send us your Mac Mini or related Apple server (running OS X or equivalent macOS ) and we’ll set you up in any one of our state-of-the-art data centers.

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Mac fans can now enjoy all the same benefits traditional dedicated server customers enjoy, such as: 100 percent uptime, high-speed bandwidth and access to a vast network of major IP providers.

Our data centers are maintained 24/7/365 by our expert staff of macOS server technicians. Once your Mac server is up and running, customers can manage and access them all from a remote desktop location.

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macOS Server – Always Up to Date!

Apple’s operating systems are renowned for their amazing ability to share and their simple user interface. Users can set up accounts on the server that can then be accessed world wide. You can be assured the latest macOS is user friendly, meaning that it does not take a dedicated server expert to set up a network and get it working. It is built for the average Joe and, like all Apple products, is notoriously simple. Run a business from anywhere in the world with the macOS.

A macOS server gives its users the advantage of being able to access the server anywhere in the world via MacBook, iPhone, or any other Apple product. Don’t want to worry if about the status of the server? Let Colocation America’s IT staff take care of all server issues with a managed server hosting plan.

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macOS Server Hosting with Mac Mini Colo

mac osx serverAlready have an existing Mac Mini or a network of Mac Minis? Have you ever considered collocating them? Colocation America can help with that!

To Apple fans, the Mac Mini offers a lot of bang for the buck. Do not let its small size fool you as the Mac Mini can be used as a dedicated server perfectly capable of handling all your data processing needs. With exterior dimensions of 1.5 inches H and 7.7 inches W they are perfectly compact and can be collocated within a data center very easily. Our authorized Mac Mini colocation experts offer a shared or dedicated server, which currently run on macOS.

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When you decide the time is right to collocate your Mac Mini server simply send us your machine, along with your specific configuration settings, and we will have you up and running within 48 hours or less. Or, if you so prefer, you can schedule an appointment to visit our data center and we will help you setup your Mac Mini within our state-of-the-art facility for Mac Mini Hosting. Once your Mac Mini colo plan is setup and running you will receive an email with login instructions and an assigned IP address.

To find out more information on Mac Mini Colo, you can click here.

Connect instantly through your iPhone!

Have an iPhone? Connect instantly to the server through the iPhone and stay on top of what is going on. Manage your server network through the iPhone, MacBook, or any other Apple desktop computer. macOS lets users stay in touch and is designed by Apple for unparalleled performance and amazing compatibility with all its products.

Sharing files, schedules (iCal), and ideas are easy with a powerful macOS running on a dedicated server.

Apple is truly the industry leader in providing fewer obstacles for its users to accomplish more things. Those that are just getting the feel of running their own dedicated server will find it extremely easy to share files with other users on their network. Also, with the iCal Server 2, sharing the business agenda and schedule is a breeze.