What Is an IP Announcement?

All IP addresses are not created equal. Announcing IP addresses is an important decision. If you are using a dedicated server, announcing your IP Space can be beneficial to you and your business. If you need help announcing an IP address please see the example letter below or contact Colocation America and we’ll help guide you through the process.

What Is a Letter of Authorization?

If you want to announce your IP addresses, a Letter of Authorization (LOA) with the subnets you want to announce is required. Once you instruct your internet service provider (ISP) to announce a specific subnet in BGP, your ISP will request written consent from the resource holder (usually a local Internet registry (LIR)). This consent is called an LOA or Letter of Authorization. An is a legal document that you forward to your upstream provider or dedicated server provider that permits them to announce your IP address onto their network. This requirement is for the safety and security of IP blocks assigned or allocated to our customers. Use the following template for our records. Your company letterhead and all company information need to match the information ARIN, or your LIR, has for your address space. If this information has changed, proof that you are the person or company authorized to request announcements or re-announcements will be required. 

Below is an example of an LOA:



To whom it may concern,   

This letter serves as authorization for [COMPANY NAME] with [ASN] to announce the following IP address blocks:   

———- [ipspace / ASN / subnet] [ipspace / ASN / subnet] [ipspace / ASN / subnet] [….] ———-   

As a representative of [COMPANY] that is the owner of the subnet and/or ASN, I hereby declare that I am authorized to represent and sign for this LOA.   

Should you have any questions please email me at [E-MAIL ADDRESS], or call: [TELEPHONE NUMBER]   






[Phone number] 

[Additional company information]