Case Study: Hyperconvergence vs Cloud—Hosting with Colocation America

cloud vs hyperconvergence case study Why in the world would you want to Connect to the Cloud with a Colocation Provider? There are countless benefits that you can read all over our website. But don't take our word for it.... Niagara Technology Group has been working with our data centers with wonderful success. They can deploy new systems faster and were able to move their large services clusters out of their own facilities.
  "The move to Colocation America's data centers has given us faster networking with much higher reliability," says Scott Alan Miller, technical fellow and researcher with Niagara Technology Group. "So while the move was really one about shifting people, we have realized benefits in service levels as well, making it a slam dunk." By using Colocation America's hosted hyperconvergence (our version of the cloud), Miller and NTG were able to save money and be more productive. Take a look at their statistics: cloud vs hyperconvergence cost analysis cloud vs hc3 spec comparison
"By outsourcing our on-premises IT to Colocation America's data centers, we were able to save on infrastructure costs, and allow our staff to return to their core business operations. For a SMB, combining the infrastructure cost benefits of colocation with hyperconvergence allows for enterprise-level IT solutions with availability, scalability, and storage for a great ROI than popular public cloud offering over the long term." - Scott Alan Miller, Niagara Technology Group