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What Makes a Strong Proposal?

When writing your STEM Innovation Grant, please consider the following guidelines to help create the strongest application possible. This guideline was created directly from the rubric that will be used.

Organizational History:
  • What is your organization's sense of call and purpose?
  • What are your organization's dreams for this program? How does it relate/differ to past STEM-related programming?
Program Objectives & Goals:
  • What milestones are important to this program?
  • What are your organization's dreams for this program?
  • What specific activities are you providing within this program that assist students in achieving their aspirations?
Program Participants Background:
  • Who is impacted by your program?
Program Evaluation:
  • How have those you have impacted informed the design of your activities and program evaluation?
  • How the program will utilize the evaluations/feedback to improve.
Program Budget:
  • How will the funds from the grant be, specifically, utilized? ***for larger projects/programs, please specifically state how the funds will be utilized rather than submit an overall budget.
  • Please Note – you may upload a budget to your application.

Good luck!


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