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Friday Fun Blog: Robots Sumo Wrestling Editon

Chris L

Welcome back to the Friday Fun Blog, voted as America’s #1 Friday Link Dump by Link Dump Quarterly! Each week, we bring you the best links of the week to help you pass the time, and as always, we’re brought to you by Dave & Buster’s (whom I assume has been writing a cease & desist for a good 3 years at this point, probably just trying to get the wording right)!

On to the links…

A lot of businesses have become incredibly pet friendly—including here at Colocation America, where dogs are roaming the office on a daily basis (like, someone’s dog, not just random, wild dogs)—and that’s a great thing. Our pets shouldn’t be left alone for long stretches of time, so it only stands that they’d become part of the corporate culture. Take Joey the chihuahua, for instance: he has his own photo ID at his human’s workplace.

adorable office dog

Look at him! All ready for dog-business, dog-meetings, and more doggy-based office hijinks.

NASA’s out here trying to find out more about life on Earth by sending a craft into space (Via Mashable):

Robots sumo wrestling? YOU. F*CKING. KNOW. IT. I’m really looking forward to robots taking over most of our major sports. ROBOTS CAN’T GET CONCUSSIONS, ROGER GOODELL!

Are you too poor or not enough of a hippy to go to Burning Man, but always wanted to find out what’d it’d be like to be on numerous drugs while there? Check out this funky timelapse video that is like a mini acid trip. Or, pop acid in your office right now and then watch the video. Nobody will know. (Via Sploid)

Nintendo is bringing its franchise player to mobile, as Mario gets a new game called “Super Mario Run”. Collect the coins, jump down tubes, recklessly murder innocent mushroom-people…you know, the classic Mario stuff. This is the first in a series of Nintendo-related games that will be released in the coming future, as Nintendo tries its hand at the mobile game market.

Oil and water DO NOT go together well at all; they’re natural enemies like East and West Coast rappers, lions and hyenas, and me and dairy—BUT they make for beautiful art. Check out these cool pictures of oil and water getting intimate.

And finally…


-The 15th anniversary of the September 11th attacks is on Sunday, and our world has been irrevocably changed since that day. Personally, I find myself watching videos and looking at images from that day and feeling a disconnect from it all, despite living through it. It doesn’t feel like the images and videos are real, like they almost come from a high-budget action movie, because what happened on that day was so monumentally surreal that it almost does seem like a Michael Bay flick.

What sets 9/11 apart from other horrific attacks like Pearl Harbor, for instance, is the sheer amount of video footage of the attacks themselves. It’s all on camera. All of it. Every agonizing and tension-filled second was captured for the whole world to see. Video of the attacks has been replayed millions of times since, and politicized, capitalized upon, and analyzed to the point of desensitization of the public at large, that it’s become just another thing.

But it’s not just another thing—it’s an event that shaped our world permanently; an event that took the lives of 2,996 people who, when starting their day, had no idea that it would end like that; an event that made us realize that heroes aren’t from distant planets or forged by gamma rays, but are people—people like you and I– who were afraid, but stood in the face of almost certain death and gave their lives in the service of others because it was their duty.

Below is a video shot by a student at NYU, one of the clearest videos of the attacks that a private citizen captured on that day—it perfectly captures the confusion, sadness, disbelief, and anger felt on that day.

Never forget.

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