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Friday Fun Blog: Thailand Bites Your Snake Edition

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Chris L

Welcome back to the world’s greatest Friday link dump—The Friday Fun Blog! Each week, we share our favorite links of the week for you to enjoy. It’s a great time waster, mostly because it allows us to surf the web during work, and we wanted you to share in our pleasure. As always never we’re brought to you by Dave & Buster’s!

On to the links!

If I ever get the opportunity to travel to Thailand, remind me to not use a squat toilet because there’s a 100 percent chance a snake will wind its way through just to bite my penis. Does that sound ridiculous? Well, just ask this guy as he recovers from snake-related penile injuries in a Thai hospital.

Obligatory Space Post(s) of the Week: Scientists have announced that due to extensive research of the red planet, Mars is emerging from an ice age that happened about 400,000 years ago. According to scientists, if you were to go back in time to our early ancestors and look at Mars, it would appear more white than red, mainly due to being covered in ice. Scientists mapped the north and south ice deposits, and determined that at the peak of the ice age, Mars would have been covered in a 2-foot thick layer of ice.

Space Post Part 2: After two successful attempts, SpaceX is going for the three-peat today after postponing an attempt at a third water-barge landing of their rocket. Originally scheduled for Thursday, the 26th, the mission was postponed due to a technical glitch. You can follow along here:

Roach traps made of glue are very good at holding roaches in place so they can be disposed of properly. Roach traps made of glue are also very good at holding sumo wrestlers in place.

Technology is a cool thing that can connect millions of people worldwide and give us a glimpse at worlds that most may not be able to reach in their lifetime. These two experienced climbers trekked Mount Everest without the use of extra oxygen and attempted to Snapchat their entire experience. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has other plans and decided that iPhones shouldn’t work at the top of the world’s highest mountain because she’s Mother Nature and she probably hated Steve Jobs. Climbing Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen is still an incredible feat that only 200 people have ever been able to accomplish.

And finally…

Food and cooking videos are all the rage these days, but there’s nothing like a quality parody video that takes down the pretentious notions of food. Check it out!

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