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Friday Fun Blog: Magic Leap Edition

Chris L

The latest crop of superhero movies and their many iterations have tons of hidden Easter Eggs in them, from nods to other heroes, giving props to the comic books that spawned the stories, or setting up future stories, there’s always something for a keen eye to catch. Here’s the 10 Hidden Easter Eggs in Superhero Movies.

Sometimes the military does cool exercises like parachuting various vehicles out of planes to see if they can land safely on the ground. Well, they recently did it with Humvees and a few Humvees didn’t survive the fall. (Warning: NSFW Language)

hummers are falling

Photo Credit: (linked above)

In other flight related news, check out one of life’s greatest mysteries: how a plane carrying a banner actually picks up the banner. I had assumed it was always just attached, but this is way cooler.

Here’s a reminder that everything in the ocean wants to murder you.

the ocean wants to kill you

Photo Credit: (linked above)

The Magic Leap is an amazing VR product that allows you to have virtual screens wherever you are. They called it “mixed reality” because it overlays those screens over your everyday life. It’s what Google Glass wishes it could be. Here’s a video from Wired that shows what it’d be like to use in your day-to-day and then read an amazing article on how Magic Leap got started.

And lastly…

Prince was one of the greatest musicians and personalities (even if he was an eccentric recluse) of our time. Here’s Prince making a bunch of other musical legends look like chumps:

Prince gave one of the all-time greatest halftime performances at Super Bowl XLI in 2007—he took to the stage in the middle of a rain storm and gave a commanding and electric performance unfazed by the weather. When asked if it was going to be okay if it was raining, Prince responded, “Can you make it rain harder?”

See you next week!

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