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Friday Fun Blog: Poop Bus Edition

poop bus
The Colocation America Staff

It’s Friday! You know what that means? It’s time for everyone’s favorite time-waster, the Friday Fun Blog! This week’s Fun Blog is brought to you by Stuff and Things.

On to the links!

-Remember the hilarious and intensely creepy “Too Many Cooks” from Adult Swim? Well, CNN repurposed that for the 2016 presidential election. Hopefully in this version, the general populace is the killer and we take out all the crappy candidates one by one. Smarf for President!

-Here’s a list of 10 of the greatest giant robots of all time. I can’t believe they left off The Terminator; sure he wasn’t a “giant” but gosh darn it he had the BIGGEST HEART OF ALL.

Check out this dude Pop ‘N Lock in a glow-in-the-dark Tron-style suit. If this is the future, the future is ILL AS F*CK.

Obligatory Space Post of the Week: There was a solar eclipse recently, and it wasn’t the best. The view from earth was cloudy and overcast, not the best environment to check out a sweet eclipse. However, the European Space Agency was able to get a pretty decent snap using their satellite’s ultraviolet lenses to capture images that show the sun’s corona (not the beer) projecting from behind.

-Originally this space was to post about an interesting slideshow of the meals Doomsday Prepper’s would eat if there ever was a need to get in your underground bunker. Pretty interesting, until I realized the photographer also did a slideshow of the last meals of people on death row, which is WAAAAAAAAAAY more interesting than a few crazy people who think that China is going to cause a financial collapse. The creepiest part: “He left his pecan pie, telling a guard he was ‘saving it for later’.” Ohhhhhh, snap!

-Dear Millenials (including me, I guess?): Silicon Valley wants you to die.
poop bus

-Starting next week, you can ride a bus that is fueled by poop—specifically, your poop. That’s right, on March 25th, if you live or work in Bristol, UK, you can take a bus that is fueled by the waste of 32,000 local households. The energy source is renewable—depending on your burrito intake—and produces less emissions than most diesel-powered buses. Hooray for poop!

And finally…

-Speaking of poop, here’s a fun calculator that lets you know how much you’re earning every time you take a bathroom break. I make $2.67 per bathroom break, by the way.

Enjoy your weekend!

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