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The Future of VoIP: An Interview with IPsmarx

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Shawn Ahdoot

Carrier Fedders from IPsmarx joins us for this blog post on the future of VoIP technology. Find out what the emerging trends and advancement are as well as what IPsmarx is planning to do to become an industry leader in VoIP communication

VoIP technology is an emerging industry that is set to revolutionize how we communicate with each other. Since it was discovered that the human voice can be digitize, VoIP phones have been developed to bypass traditional land line cables in favor of IP fiber optic ones. Using the fiber networks already established by major ISPs around the world, VoIP phone calls can connect you with your friends and family in ways we never would’ve imagined.

VoIP is indeed an interesting subject as the trends and technology of the VoIP industry will shape how we will communicate in the future. I got into contact with Carrie Fedders, Sales Manager for IPsmarx, to talk about the future of VoIP communication.


How Did the Start of IPsmarx Come About?

voip telephonesIPsmarx started in 2001 as a Billing Software company geared toward PrePaid Calling Card Providers. The goal was, and still is, to offer reliable solutions to service providers so they can focus on their sales and marketing and not worry about their technology backbone or billing.


Who Are Your Main Customers? Why Do They Choose VoIP Services?

Our main customers are VoIP Service Providers and Prepaid Calling Card & PINless Providers. They choose to use VoIP because they need to offer low-cost international calling to their customer base.


What are some of the buzz in the VoIP industry? Are there any new VoIP Technology you are excited about?

We are excited about the growth of smartphone adoption and our suite of Mobile Dialers that our clients can custom brand to capitalize on this expanding trend. Our clients can offer VoIP applications so their customers can make calls using their data (internet) plans instead of their minutes and they can also offer a PINless Dialer as well that interfaces with a customers iPhone or Android contact list to make calling much easier.


In your opinion, what do you think the future of the VoIP industry will be? Will VoIP replace traditional land line calls?

Yes – you can see more businesses and large corporations are adopting VoIP. It is becoming the standard, especially for international calls.


How is IPsmarx going to fit in the future of VoIP?

We pride ourselves on maintaining an in-house R&D team to continue to develop new features and technology to stay ahead of the trends.  We will continue to offer reliable and feature-rich applications to service providers so they can grow as the market demand for VoIP continues to increase.

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