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How to Generate More Traffic at Your Tech Show Booth

more traffic to tech booth

In case you missed it, our Social Media Director and our Vice President of Online Strategies attended MangoConIT this past week.

During the event, our VP of Online Strategies, Samantha Walters brainstormed ways to generate more traffic to their booth and decided to write up a blog on the subject.

The article is published over on The Millennial Executive and has been partially reproduced here with permission from the editor.

Below is the first trick on how to generate more traffic at your tech show booth:

Trick 1: Do Something Different

Congratulations your booth is giving out a t-shirt for every attendee that stops by! Honestly, what do you think those attendees do with your t-shirt? According to one guy I talked to last week, they use them as rags or workout shirts. For any company that gives out shirts, let’s hope it’s the latter. Everyone says they want shirts but do they really? I mean, there is only so much room in my luggage.

Then again, people love shirts. I mean, its college all over again – people doing anything for a free t-shirt. However, once the person gets the shirt they leave. The booth staff finds the right size shirt for the individual and then they run away. Sure, you may have collected an email address but do you know anything about them? Do you know if they need your product or service?

Next booth you do, do something that is different and makes the person stay and hang out. The whole point of sponsoring/exhibiting at a conference is to get out from behind a computer or phone and mingle. Talk to the attendees and get to know them. Sure, your traffic to the booth may be down since you don’t have 500 shirts to give away but the conversations you do have will be more meaningful. Oh and if you pick something fun, you can spend downtime playing around too.

You can find the whole article (including 3 more tricks on how to generate more traffic to your tech show booth) by clicking here.

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