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Come Together, America

Samantha Walters

An earlier version of this article was titled “Get Over Yourselves, America” – a title given by an editor. Upon further consideration, I feel that its a bit harsh and does not reflect the true meaning of this post. It’s not about “getting over ourselves” but about “coming together.” Here is to coming together today.

In case you missed it, our Vice President of Online Strategies has her own blog called “The Millennial Executive.” Since the SOM blog started on this site, we don’t want our readers to miss out on her newest article!

The article is published over on The Millennial Executive and has been partially reproduced here with permission from the editor.

Below Samantha telling you, the American people, to get over yourselves:

Get Over Yourselves, America, and Come Together.

Since I started this column, I have written on a variety of topics. From writer’s block to how salesman suck, I have been telling the world how I see it for over a year now. Heck, I have even written on elevator speeches and the woes of being a Millennial in the workplace. And with each time I write an article I am pleasantly surprised by the reaction of those reading it (and that, honestly, people are reading it at all).

hillary looking at balloons

People seem to relate and, perhaps, even take some of my advice to heart. The feedback from my readers is full of positivity and passion for success and growth in their business and as individuals. It is because of this feedback that no topic has been left unturned. Any topic that pops in my head on a Monday is one that I run with or so I thought.

It appears that there is one topic I will not touch—politics—until now.

For my avid readers, I am sure you noticed the absence of this column for the last two months. The truth is that the only topic I wanted to discuss was politics and the American dream. I believe that Freedom of Speech is a thing but not really. Sure, that is the most ambiguous comment made to date but it’s how I see it—although you have the right to say anything and believe in anything, it does not mean that you are immune to the world’s right to do the same.

trump fist pumping

To be blunt—I stayed away from discussing politics because I did not want the feedback (positive or negative) that I would get from saying, well, anything related to it.

It is apparent now more than ever that politics is a trigger point for people. No matter what one says or does, there is always someone else passionately disagreeing and pumping their fists in a rage. This election has brought out deep, let’s say, passion for expressing one’s political opinions to the world.

You can find the whole article (including more ways you can get over yourselves and resume living the American dream) by clicking here.

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