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How to Effectively Use Targeted PR Management

Tony Ling

There is an old adage that states that when you’re in Rome, you do as the Romans do.  This has never been truer in this day and age where the clarion call is, “to think globally but act locally”. In the area of PR management, this mindset rules supreme—in the sense that if you need to get your message across a particular demographic or geographical segment you need to have as much information about the population as you can, in order to have meaningful impact.

Allow me to paint a mental picture, using the city of San Francisco as an example. According to the population census data of 2015, San Francisco had a population of 864,000 people of whom 36 percent were born out of the United States. Forty-five percent of this population speaks a mother tongue other than English and 12 percent speak Spanish. Therefore, if you want to make inroads into the Spanish segment of the population of San Francisco you must connect directly, expertly and meaningfully with this specific segment of the population. 

Understand The Value of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The pillar to being successful at PR in the digital space is to understand the value of Search Engine Optimization, SEO and the use of press releases to make an impact on the digital medium.  If the PR firm uses this strategy well, then you can be sure that your brand will be having a meaningful conversation with targeted groups on the digital platforms which will have a positive impact on your bottom-line.  You need a team that is expert at crisis management, consumer PR and reputation management.


The area of reputation management is quite large and as such it needs to be probed a little bit further. It is key to your PR efforts and it entails the following; corporate communications, this means find the core message that your entity wants to portray to the world and presenting it accurately to the intended audiences. Crisis communicating and issues management, this means always being on top of things with your message so that in the unfortunate event that you take a hit you can deal with it quickly and effectively.

Core Message Always On-Point

Executive positioning, in this case you make sure that your message  is always point on regardless of the channel you opt to use. Internal communications, here you make sure that the employees first internalize the core message before they deliver it to the world. Media relations, with this aspect you must craft your message in such a way that it resonates precisely with your target market.


For this to be effective you must optimize on interviews, special events, webinars, news releases, opinion-editorials and the like to ensure that your message is always out there occupying valuable media space. Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, you must show appreciation to the community that supports your brand by giving back to them in an engaging manner, reciprocate the love.

Gradual Change Management

Change management, with respect to this you must make sure that you make the transitions in your corporate image in a slow and very deliberate manner bearing in mind your core message and making sure that it does not get lost, when changes are being made.

Content development, this is pretty much self-explanatory, that is make sure that you are always generating new and exciting content to keep your audience engaged. If the PR firm of your choice shows demonstrable mastery of all the above mentioned points then you can be sure that your message will be heard loud and clear.

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