Using CentOS as a Dedicated Server

CentOS, which stands for Community ENTerprise Operating System, is the most popular choice of all the Linux distribution out on the web.Based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) server, our CentOS Dedicated server is a free operating system that is supported by an avid online community. It is the result of a collection of open source developers and users collaborating together to create a quality Linux solution available to anyone, completely supported by donations.

What Is CentOS Used For?

CentOS is generally installed on web servers for the sake of stability. Once you build a stable CentOS web server distribution on your server, you can test your application, website, etc. without having to worry about updates that could change its structure and cause you many headaches. Since CentOS is basically a clone of Redhat Enterprise Linux, it makes sense that it would be mainly used on enterprise level equipment. In fact, a CentOS server is the most popular Linux distribution used on dedicated servers (and other web servers) due to availability, construction, patches, and support community. Also, it’s free and backed by a great open-source community—so that helps too!

CentOS Linux on a Dedicated Server

Those using a CentOS dedicated server can enjoy:
  • Easy to maintain Linux solution
  • Long-term production projects with minimal OS interference
  • User friendly environment
  • Active deployment of additional solutions
  • Strong, active, and open source community
  • Transparency with open management and business models
Colocation America recognizes the importance and commitment of the CentOS community helping to keep a free enterprise level operating system. Colocation America has donated a dedicated server to help with the distribution of the operating system and to keep the CentOS online community thriving.

What Is CentOS?

CentOS is a free Linux distribution which is derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This powerful OS was created to provide users with a free enterprise level operating system by eliminating the cost of software licensing fees. what is cent os It is basically a free clone of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS and offers most of the benefits that the Red Hat Network has to offer thanks to the amazing support of its online community. Users of the CentOS Dedicated Server can feel safe knowing that the operating system will continue to be developed and supported.

What Is the Difference between CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

The main difference between Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS is the branding and artwork due to copyright distribution laws. Despite the distinction, many Red hat developers have worked and still work with the CentOS team. While the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS is only available to paid subscribers, Red Hat releases its source code under the General Public License.

RHEL can only be updated and supported through a subscription—so when they say they sell support, they mean it. You cannot get any security patches, updates, etc. without paying for a RHEL support subscription.

dedicated server centos CentOS, on the other hand, pushes their updates out for free. The only downside is that you have to install them yourself. With that said, the CentOS operating system does require a bit more technical knowledge than RHEL and the updates on a CentOS web server may come more slowly than on RHEL. So, why use CentOS?