VoIP Colocation

Colocation hosting for VoIP servers is a great alternative to hosting in-house as a data center provides great connectivity with a controlled environment that keeps servers performing at optimal levels. VoIP servers take up a lot of power and require constant access to IP networks in order to route calls. The server functions as a gateway for all calls to be routed through the IP networks and therefore needs the best connectivity to establish these connections. It makes sense that many companies are looking to outsource their server hosting needs to a high tiered data center facility that already have the core infrastructure and connectivity necessary to keep servers online. With colocation, servers are hosted inside a facility with peered connectivity from several top ISPs, N+1 power generators, diesel powered backup generators, 99.99% uptime, a 24/7 security staff, and remote hands on assistance from certified data center technicians. In-house hosting requires a large capital investment to build a server room suitable enough to handle the hosting needs of a VoIP server. High power, bandwidth, and maintenance costs come along with trying to host your own private data center. A large enterprise that requires absolute privacy for their data can afford to build their own data center environment, but for other businesses that want enterprise level performance colocation is a great alternative.

VoIP colocation offers the following benefit:

  • Reduced Overhead Cost of Operating a VoIP Server
  • Premium Bandwidth from 16 Top Tiered ISPs
  • Dedicated Mbps Port (Upgradeable to 1,000 and 10,000)
  • UPS N+1 Redundant Power Generators & Diesel Backup Generators
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Multi-Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet Networks
  • 24/7 Onsite Security
  • Remote Access and Support
  • Free Setup

Why Colocation Hosting for VoIP?

When you look at the cost of providing your own bandwidth, power, real estate, cooling, and personnel it makes sense to choose colocation hosting for your VoIP equipment. Data centers can cover all of these costs while you will only have to cover a monthly (or yearly) price for hosting your machine. Poorly hosted VoIP servers can suffer from delays and dropped calls. Voice quality can also start to degrade as more traffic is passed through the server. This could lead to poor performance of your VoIP calls which may cause you to wonder why you switched over to VoIP phones in the first place. With VoIP colocation, users can enjoy latency-free, crystal clear IP phone calls supported by a reliable data center.
voip colocation

VoIP Colo with Improved Connectivity

Data centers are the central connectivity hubs of many top tier ISPs. With many ties to the IP network located in the building, VoIP colocation customers will be able to reap the benefit of such connectivity by hosting their servers in a fiber rich environment. Each hosting plan comes with a dedicated 100Mbps port that can be upgraded further for routing and call management of concurrent VoIP calls. Like wholesale VoIP providers, data center providers can provide a lower price for connectivity due to buying in bulk. Companies and VoIP startups can take advantage of the cheap prices by collocating their VoIP server. Many wholesale VoIP providers choose colocation in order to handle the amount of communication data they bring in. A VoIP provider is in the business of buying and selling VoIP minutes from other carriers. They set up their platform to route phone calls traveling through the IP network using a least cost routing software. Much like how different ISPs peer with one another, VoIP providers make agreement with each other and send/receive voice data. Using a VoIP hosted softswitch, the calls can then be routed through the network of interconnected VoIP providers to reach its final destination. A billing software helps the providers to manage the accounts to see which route is the most profitable and which ones send over the most traffic.