VoIP PBX Hosting

A hosted VoIP PBX can replace a traditional PBX system if a business wants to start utilizing an IP network for placing calls. A hosted PBX solution using SIP trunking for the VoIP gateway is great for businesses of all sizes since it allows them to make internal VoIP calls while also making outbound calls. VoIP calls can help reduce the cost of monthly phone bill by using the internet connection to connect telephone devices instead of traditional telephony infrastructure. Servers can be custom built to suit any VoIP company's business model.
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What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol, or more commonly known as VoIP, enables companies to save money on phone calls by using the Internet for lower rates. Long distance phone calls can be costly, especially if a company makes a lot of them to countries all over the world. VoIP is fast and provides a flexibility that can benefit any company, whether it is a small prepaid phone card business or a large multi-national corporation. Since it was discovered that the human voice can be encoded into a digital signal, data transfer of phone calls over the Internet has become more common. VoIP transforms an ordinary phone into a device that can connect to the Internet through the use of VoIP dedicated servers.

Benefits of a Hosted PBX System

There are some great benefits to using a hosted PBX VoIP solution as opposed to having an on-site PBX or a traditional phone system.

Lower Cost

One of the main benefits of having a hosted PBX system is that it will cost less than an on-site hosted system. A business does not need to purchase VoIP hardware in order to utilize VoIP services. Leasing the hardware from a data center provider will bypass the capital investment of building a VoIP infrastructure which could cost upwards to thousands of dollars. With an off-site hosted PBX solution, there is only a monthly fee that needs to be paid and the VoIP provider will take care of the rest.
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Easier Maintenance

A business does not need to take care of the VoIP system when they choose to go with an off-site hosted PBX system. The system will be maintained by a VoIP provider and the setup and installation of the VoIP software will be taken care of. However, there is a downside to not having complete control of a hosted PBX system. Hosting off-site means that a business will have limited options to choose from and will have to adjust to a modular system. This might be a problem for an enterprise level business that has special requirements, but for small to medium businesses it is a great choice for a cheap and simple to use VoIP platform.

VoIP Dedicated Server Hosting

Whether a company plans to start up a VoIP business or wants to have its own VoIP server, Colocation America has the dedicated server hardware to host VoIP software.  Hosting with Colocation America ensures that a company's VoIP server will have the connectivity it needs for quality data transfer during calls. With bandwidth software and Colocation America's peered networks, a company's VoIP dialer will be crystal clear with little to no latency.

VoIP Colocation Hosting

VoIP Colocation provided by Colocation America is a service for companies looking to outsource their servers to a premier data center. Hosting in-house can be beneficial but as more calls and bandwidth are used, the stress that it puts on in-house server can be problematic in the long run. Also, with in-house hosting, the VoIP server does not have a redundant network and can be brought down easily. If the server goes down, productivity will halt until the server is brought back up online. Colocation in a hosting facility will ensure that the server stays online 99.99% of the time. With backup redundancies and a superior blend of ISPs providing multiple connections to the Internet backbone, it is highly unlikely that any server will go down when hosting in a data center.
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