July 16, 2013

Intel Haswell: Subtle Improvements, More Bang-for-the-Buck

Intel will soon to launch its fourth generation of Haswell processors. The new architecture is based on Intel’s 22nm tri-gate processor and will improve efficiency in consumer devices. How will they fair in the data center? Intel will soon to […]
January 17, 2013

Explaining High Availability & Load Balancing

Utilizing a high-availability or Load Balancing server setup will ensure your website stays up-to-speed no matter what. Guaranteeing that a website is always up and running for people to browse, buy from and enjoy is ultimately what every webmaster would like […]
October 18, 2012

Small & Mighty – Can Micro-Servers Corner The Market?

When the general population imagines a server, some might think of a giant computer standing taller than themselves with fans whirring and lights blinking all over it Micro-servers have been around for a while, with Intel announcing the idea back […]
Small & Mighty – Can Micro-Servers Corner The Market?
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