November 16, 2021
smart grid data center

What Is a Smart Grid Data Center?

The electricity we use in the United States comes from the U.S. Power Grid, also known as the U.S. Electrical Grid. This is one of the most complex machines ever built but is also one of the easiest to use. […]
November 11, 2021
distributed cloud

What Is a Distributed Cloud?

The cloud has evolved in several different ways and with all of these iterations, it has been advantageous for many businesses around the world. The cloud refers to data center servers that are accessed through the internet along with a […]
November 10, 2021
data center trends 2022

Data Center Trends to Look out for in 2022

The data center industry showed its resilience in 2020-2021 as the global pandemic continued. The industry as a whole flourished and even saw growth and new projects in a new country, Athens, Greece. Data center colocation continued to be a […]
November 9, 2021
technology faq

Frequently Asked Question in Technology (Part 7)

In this month’s installment of Colocation America’s Frequently Asked Questions in Technology, we cover some of the more obscure technology concepts that may not be as commonly examined or discussed. These new technology concepts have the potential to be important […]
November 4, 2021
technology trends 2022

Technology Trends to Watch for in 2022

The world continues to see the impact of the global pandemic in several different ways. Several technologies have been crucial in assisting various industries to allow remote work. Improving and applying certain technologies that weren’t always a part of a […]
November 3, 2021
data storage management

What Should You Know About Data Storage Management?

The way the world communicates has changed in the past decade. Saying that the world revolves around data is almost an understatement at this point. Almost everything we do comprises of or incorporates data to some extent. Nearly all companies […]
November 2, 2021
windows 11

What’s New with Windows 11?

The latest evolution of one of the most used operating systems is being released to the public on October 5. The importance of a new operating system cannot be understated as more than 1.5 billion people use the Windows operating […]
October 29, 2021
data center fire

Different Data Center Fire Suppression Systems Explained

One of the primary disasters that a data center can face is a fire, which is why fire suppression systems are critical for data center operations. Fire suppression systems are overseen by the National Fire Protection Association. Within the association, […]
October 28, 2021
raspberry pi web server

How to Host an Entire Server on a Raspberry Pi

Technology has come a long way in many aspects and almost every possible avenue. There are technological advancements that are happening every single day, but there was a time when the future of technology seemed to be on the decline. […]