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Friday Fun Blog: Breakfast Machine Edition

Chris L

Things are crazy, but let us all find solace in the Friday Fun Blog, presented by Dave & Buster’s!

On to the links!

I hope reincarnation is real, because I want to return as a dog in my next life. For instance, this puppy is so excited to play fetch, her little teeth are chattering. I WANT THIS LIFE.

Over July 4th weekend, NASA’s Juno space probe made its way into Jupiter’s orbit. During its entry into the giant gravitational pull of our solar system’s largest planet, its data-gathering instruments were turned off to reduce complications as it was pulled into orbit.

Now, five of the nine science instruments on the probe have been fired up and are ready to collect data, with the other four being powered on by the end of the month. Juno will get its next close look at Jupiter on August 27th, as it makes its 53-day orbit around the gas giant, with information on findings coming in early September.

The Drake Equation is the algorithm that determines the probability of other life in our galaxy based on varied environmental factors and what we know currently about how life forms. Now, a new equation has been developed that determines the incredible odds that life actually comes into existence (known as abiogenesis) if life is able to be harbored on these other worlds.

Pokemon Go was released recently, and gamers all over the world have taken to the streets to find their favorite creatures. Just a heads up, though: make sure you look where you’re going before you start searching, because you don’t want to end up like YouTuber Lanceypooh who got shot at while Pokemon hunting (Via The Next Web):

Speaking of virtual reality things that will get you in trouble: a VR porn convention had to be shut down because too many dudes showed up. Stay creepy.

Here’s an automated machine that makes breakfast!

And finally…

Check out this fantastic collection of all the best jump scares in movies from the folks at Burger Fiction (Via Sploid):

That’s it for this week! See you next time!

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