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Friday Fun Blog: #CODEChella

The Colocation America Staff

What is it about Friday that just makes you not want to get out of bed and start the weekend early? It’s beautiful out—let’s go take a walk in the park or something. But FIRST, it’s time for everyone’s favorite Friday-adjacent link dump: The Friday Fun Blog! This week’s fun blog is brought to you by Seriously It’s Beautiful Out, Let’s Go Take a Walk in the Park.

Parks are lovely, don’t let your local congressmen sell them off.

On to the links!

-Guys, Game of Thrones comes back on Sunday, and OHMYGOD I’m excited. In case you don’t want to watch all 4 seasons leading up to the fifth season premiere, you can check out this video from comedians Key & Peele which pretty much sums up the entirety of GoT. I think they hit all the major plot points.

-We go from The Mountain to The Rock: here’s a little insight into what exactly Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson eats per day. The closest measurement I can gather is that he eats enough to feed a small African nation per day. 32 ounces of cod per day? The fish are dwindling because The Rock is laying the smackdown on the deep seas. Rock takes in more calories from rice alone than most women in LA eat in a week.

Obligatory Space Post(s) of the Week: Can you fart your way across space? Depends on how much Chipotle you had in the past few hours. The answer is OF COURSE, but leave it to physicists to ruin the fun because it would take hundreds of years to get anywhere fun. Then you have to deal with the fact that space just smells like a bunch of farts now.

-If we ever develop the ability to travel through time in any significant manor, you might want to go back to Earth about 10 billion years ago because our night sky would be GORGEOUS. According to scientists, our sky would’ve been filled with new stars being born and huge bursts of color. It’d be like looking into a nursery every night, but instead of beautiful babies, you’d be looking at stars.
full moon

-Our moon is beautiful—it provides a reflective surface to brighten our night sky, helps the tides, and is the home to our future space bases. But what would happen if we replaced our moon with a planet? Well, check out these artist renditions of various planets replacing our moon in our night sky. I would LOOOOOOOVE Saturn to be our moon.

And finally…

-This weekend, if you’re in the LA area and love tech, please check out this program we are sponsoring with YouthBuild Charter School and Factual—CODEChella. Students from inner-city schools will be mentored by a coder or tech professional to build a website in a day-long event. You can check out the contact info on how you might be able to help at the site above. It’ll be way more rewarding than going to Coachella and doing drugs in the desert while listening to music you probably don’t like.


Enjoy your weekend. Winter is coming.

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