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Friday Fun Blog: Toilet Paper Ice Sword Edition

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Chris L

It’s time for everyone’s favorite time-wasting blog—the Friday Fun Blog! As always, we’re (not) sponsored by Dave & Buster’s, but that doesn’t matter. You know what matters? Friday. Fun. And links! We got all of those for you…

On to the links!

After Last Night’s GOP Debate, nothing embodies the Republican Party more than a group of Congressmen being chased away by a group of elephants on an African safari.

Toilet Paper Ice Sword? Toilet paper ice sword. Technically, it’s a substance called pykrete, but that doesn’t matter. It’s still a toilet paper ice sword, and that’s awesome. Don’t get me wrong, pykrete sword sounds cool too, but “toilet paper ice sword” has a certain je nai se quoi.

toilet paper ice sword

Photo Credit:

Don’t Ever Think That Machines Aren’t out to Kill Us and take over the world to create a robot utopia where emotion doesn’t exist and the only rule is absolute perfection. Want more proof? Check out this video of an escalator reversing its upward direction to create a waterfall of humanity. Look at you, thinking Siri is YOUR personal assistant. She’s in control and only she knows it. (Via Sploid.)

The Folks at SpaceX were planning on launching their Falcon 9 rocket carrying the SES-9 satellite on Wednesday. That got cancelled due to some liquid oxygen issues, and they rescheduled again for Thursday. Well, that got cancelled too, again to the liquid oxygen issues. They’ll be attempting to relaunch sometime in the next few days, and hopefully they’ll be able to bring that rocket back down to its launching pad without issue.

If You’re Planning on Watching the Oscars This Sunday, you’ll get to partake in the more subtle and enjoyable aspects of the silly awards show…the losers’ reactions. Brian Raferty of Wired put together a lovely field guide to loser reactions at the Oscars. I’m a huge fan of the “You picked HIM over ME?” look, followed quickly by the “I forgot there’s a camera in my face, let me look happy for the winner” look.

CNN starts this article about taking pictures of animals with “Ever wondered what wild animals get up to at night?” And my immediate response was, “Yes, ALL OF THE TIME.” I stay up at night wondering what wild animals are up to at night.

awesome elephant at night

Photo Credit: (linked above)

Anyways, there are some beautiful photos captured by a trail cam here, and I love the candidness. Like, I love that animals hang out with other animals that aren’t a threat. I don’t know why I never thought that happened, I just assumed it didn’t.

And finally…

It Takes a Certain Kind of Person to Believe in Conspiracy Theories. You need a healthy dose of skepticism and a few too many late nights on the Internet. Some conspiracy theories are so far out there that it can’t be possible (looking at you, Lizard people secretly running the world), and some conspiracy theories are so far out there that it kinda makes sense (looking at you, Denver International Airport).

katy perry

Photo Credit: (linked above)

The conspiracy theory that Katy Perry is actually JonBenet Ramsey of child pageant and cold-case murder-kidnap fame is neither of those. This one is so crazy that it exists on its own dimension, so much so that I now believe it to be 100% true and will bring it up anytime anyone mentions Katy Perry.

See you next week!

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