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Friday Fun Blog: So Many Thrones Edition

iron throne
The Colocation America Staff

Yes, yes, y’all! It’s that time again—time for the Friday Fun Blog. This week’s Friday Fun Blog is brought to you by My Desire to Leave Work Early Because I’m Going to WrestleMania This Weekend. Never underestimate someone’s desire to do anything other than work.

On to the links!

-Winter is coming. Eventually, I guess. Season 5 of Game of Thrones starts on Sunday, April 12 on HBO, but if you can’t get enough of the battle for the Iron Throne, check out the 9-Iron Throne and also the Beta-Carotene Throne that were made by super fans.
iron throne

-Want to get freaked out by a happy, fun-loving children’s show? Watch this black-and-white edit of the Teletubbies which looks totally freaky and scares me to death. Tinky…….Winky.

-Here’s some of the best hoaxes that have made their way onto Wikipedia. Who knew that a site that can be edited by users would have hoaxes?

-Yo, there’s like a whole world under the flood tunnels in Vegas. Around 400 people live in the tunnels, and Matthew O’Brien has been visiting the tunnels for around 12 years and has documented his experiences of the whole underground city.

-According to a Chinese tech company CEO, Apple is Hitler. And they made this known with a fun little graphic.

-I’m a huge fan of Lamborghinis (as well as most cars that I’ll never be able to afford. You’ll be mine one day, Ferrari!) and this cool GIF shows the evolution of the Lamborghini model over the years. One of the cooler things of living in Los Angeles is that you see a bunch of people driving Lambo’s in heavy traffic, so you get an up close look at them. I mean, it’s probably not cool for the guy in the V-12 Lamborghini stuck in traffic and burning through gas like it’s free, but it’s at least cool to look at on the reg.

And finally…

The Obligatory Space Post of the Week: Dark matter is a fun subject—technically, we kinda-sorta-maybe know it exists, but we have no possible way to measure or detect it. We just know that something is there. But astrophysicists and scientists might have found some good evidence for dark matter’s existence when galaxy clusters collide. Apparently, some things happen (which are way above my pay and knowledge grade) that are unexplainable without the presence of dark matter. Either way, we’re still a far ways off from totally understanding our universe. SPAAAAAAAAAACE.

Enjoy your weekend. I’ll be screaming my face off at WrestleMania!

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