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A History of the Internet and Colocation

Albert Ahdoot

The Connection between Data Centers and the Web

Colocation is a service that lets you place a server in a data center which was built specifically to provide the best environment for the server to function in. It is an important service for many companies as they need a reliable place to host their network infrastructure. Unsurprisingly, as the use of the Internet grew and many companies saw the benefits of instantaneous communication, colocation providers and services sprang up to cater to the rising demands.

First came the Internet

Before we get into the start of the colocation industries we have to understand what sparked its growth. The Internet was invented by governmental groups and educational institutions because they needed a way to quickly communicate with each others. The Internet in its early days was a bunch of computers being connected to each other through a simple network. The network structure got more complicated as other computers connect to the network and more computers goes online. As it grew and evolved its main purpose remained in tact, to quickly exchange information and communication.

The emergence of ISPs

The Internet really took off in the 1980s when businesses start to realize the benefits of having quick communication across the world. They wanted to connect in order to spread their products and services to new markets. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) popped up to provide businesses a way to connect to the internet. ISPs were the first to commercialize internet services by improving the networks and lowering the price for the Internet. These pioneers showed the potential profit that the Internet can generate and helped paved way for the first colocation provider or data center.


Colocation and Data Centers

Colocation and data centers sprung up as internet businesses and e-commerce boomed. As more businesses started to go online, it created a demand for a place to host businesses’ servers and provide businesses with the connectivity they demand. Companies began looking for places to host their web server so that they do not have to deal with the cost of hosting the servers themselves. Colocation started to become a very attractive service for online start-ups since it offered companies a cheap hosting plan in a data center that can provide them with all the connection requirements they need.

The Dot Com Bust and Beyond

During the dot com bust many internet companies went down in flames and colocation providers went with them. Although some stayed strong by reducing the cost of the center’s operating expenses and expanding the services they offered. As the dot com bust became a distant memory, colocation companies moved forward and expand the services they offered to fit the needs of new companies. The future of colocation may be uncertain but there is no doubt that colocation is indeed an important service as long as the Internet remains the central hub for people to connect. There are always new businesses that want to take advantage of the benefits the Internet can offers and colocation providers gives companies a way to do just that.

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