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Infographic: What’s Making Waves in Healthcare Technology?

healthcare technology
Brooke Chaplan

As is true in every other pocket of society, technology in healthcare advances continually and more and more impressively. In a field where it is always advantageous to develop better tools and equipment to make diagnoses and treatments more efficient, faster, and less expensive in the long run, it makes sense that technology developers waste no time creating these impressive devices. Here is a look at some of the newest and more impressive technologies for healthcare today.

information about healthcare technology

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What are the Newest Gadgets Making Waves?

When it comes to improving and saving patients’ lives, there is no end to what the healthcare industry will do to get critical technological help for better accuracy and expediency. With more governmental and private investor involvement, everyone involved searches for ways to reduce overall long-term costs and improve patient experiences.

Many hospitals and large-scale healthcare providers are taking more time to find professionals from health information management programs who understand the digital needs of the healthcare system. 

The newest technologies in healthcare range from small personal devices for patients, to massive pieces of equipment to benefit regional and national healthcare services or even surgical procedures.

For Telehealth, Call a Sherpaa
A trip to the local emergency room is often highly expensive, so in an effort to save patients from incurring a hefty ER bill, patients can call on a Sherpaa for online medical consultations. A New York-based telehealth provider, Sherpaa helps area residents connect with the city’s top medical specialists to discuss issues as simple as a sore throat, to more complex conditions and illnesses that may only require sage advice instead of direct care. If this service does well in The Big Apple, it may serve as the beginning of healthcare at each patient’s fingertips. 

Wearable Technology and Gadgets
It all began with sports watches to measure distance and pace, then later became a fitness phenomenon. Many people trying to lose weight and get in shape are sporting a fitness band that reads the number of steps and other activities they do in a day, as well as monitoring heart rate and sleep patterns.

Technology developers continue to work toward ways that physicians can harness this technology to help patients with conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and other diseases that put their health and safety at risk daily. With these developments, patients will simply electronically submit results to their healthcare provider for updates.

More Technology on the Horizon
Additional gadgets that serve to facilitate better and more affordable healthcare include multi-lingual translation applications and specific and informative healthcare mobile applications. These mobile applications will work to make patient experiences easier, and will help connect doctors and medical communities world-wide.

Medicine and healthcare are always changing and the few technologies outlined above are just a few ways it has become easier. Doctors and patients alike can look forward to the new and improved processes and streamlined efficiency that technology is bringing to the workplace and community as a whole. 

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