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6 Web Designing Programming Learning Sources

Karishma Nimavat

With the development of the virtual world in present days, the demand for web designers and developers are also escalated. Various kinds of organizations like e-commercial websites, web designing firms, startups, corporate companies, media firms and nearly every kind of organization have a preference for owning an extraordinary online presence. The significance of having an online presence, utilizing it for the lead generations and potentials sales is not even a ‘thing’ now; rather it is a necessary evil. Various organizations, commercial market, startups, businessmen, artists nearly every community require a platform to represent their portfolio, to connect or communicate and sell their respective products, services or consultation. This has led to the emergence of a boon in website designing career and made it even more competitive.

programming in schools

Another side, online education is also the part of the same revolution where it is utilized in the same stream. There are plenty of websites offering various web designing programming learning resources which can help you towards the professional web designing, coding and developing the career.

Unlike any other skills, web development is one of those skills which can be learned, practiced and expertise without spending years studying in expensive institutes. One with passion and true motivation to learn and adapt can come across various online resources as websites to learn various segments of web designing. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced in the skill, there are different online website designing programming learning resources, you need to get the right content at the right time. And here this comes in!

6 Web Designing Programming Learning Resources as Beginner

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a reliable online education non-profit organization where their mission is to provide a world-class, quality oriented free education to everyone and everywhere. With such quite convincing motto, Khan Academy offers all sorts of subjects to learn where Web designing, programming, and coding subjects are one of the best they have. They offer various subjects like Physics, Organic Chemistry, Cosmology computer animation, computer coding, US History and a lot more.

Even they have the variation to get expertise in the website programming like coding, development, and designing. They got you self-guided tutorials with audio/ video guidance from the expertise of that subject on different sub-topics. They have instructional videos, personalized learning programs, and other resources to offer where learners can manage everything from their dashboard. They have a partnership with reputed institutions like NASA, California Academy of Science, and MIT etc.

You can visit Khan Academy at

You can also watch a video on the HTML/CSS by Khan Academy to learn the basics of it:

Code School

Code School is the dream place for the all aspiring code learners. Irrespective of your education, age or any constraint, code school is the online education website where you can learn various programming languages use in computer and website development. For those, who think the coding as the scariest part to learn, code school can really make you learn the complex coding in a very simple and comprehensive manner. They have various subjects in the coding itself like JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP, .NET, Ruby, Android, Python, iOS and what not. They offer professionally curate content to learn the coding and also let you know how technology at virtual works. Quite fascinating it is to learn interesting topics like ‘AngularJS with Bootstrap’, ‘Build an interactive website’ and ‘the MEAN stack’. Code school uses various ways to teach coding as with video lessons, coding tests, challenges, and screen-casts also.

You can visit Code School at


Free Code Camp isn’t just an online resource to learn website programming and designing but it is also a community where millions of experienced, amateur, beginners and learning coders connect to each other, share information and ask questions. It also offers various projects offered by organizations and gain the certificates as well. Such an online certificate in coding and web designing dresses your profile and make your resume fancier to look. Free Code Camp also offers various skills to learn like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Git & GitHub, D3.Js, Node.js and much more.

You can visit Free Code Camp at



Code Academy is another specialist in online education of website development and programming languages. However, you can also learn it for free but later you need to sign up for their pro option. It promises you the next level in your career whether you are starting or developing your coding skills. They also have varied options like data science, web designing, programming, web development, and partnership as well. Another great choice is you can learn a particular language as well, like Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and JAVA as well.

You can visit Code Academy at


Coursera needs the introduction in the field of online resources and virtual education. They have world’s best universities and institution onboard to back their courses offered to online learners. There are various specializations to achieve on the website like Python, Data science, CSS, and HTML5. They offer courses included video tutorials by experts, quizzes, projects, course materials, links along with help & support 24 x 7.

You can visit Coursera

CSS Tricks

CSS Tricks is bit different kind of online code-learning website which was founded in 2007 by the founder named Chris Coyier. The website is particularly focused on the CSS topics. There is the whole pile of content on the website in an interesting cool format to learn. They have various tricks and tips to explore CSS in the format of blogs, videos, and almanac as well.

You can visit CSS Tricks

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    I personally learn everything through Lynda tutorials and Youtube videos. Blogs I do not believe are much helpful in providing one with real time work experience.

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