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Managing Your Infrastructure with DCIM

dcim tools
James Mulvey

The complexity of some IT systems are so immense that special software is required to successfully manage them:

dcim toolsIT systems have become quite complex complex, yet managing a data center doesn’t have to be. Current trends have forced us to process more and more data while trying our best to conserve energy, maintaining proper cooling and streamline accessibility. This is where DCIM (data center infrastructure management) can help.

DCIM Tools

Making sense of the data collection process requires real time software management systems which tell IT staff exactly whats going on at any given time.

An effective DCIM system should be highly customizable, make monitoring easier and must address the following issues within the data center:


At any given moment a system failure can occur which is why facility staffers need to be on hand to respond to potential threats. Monitoring controls in real time will help pin-point potential threats before they can cause network disruption. Furthermore, monitoring controls will increase visibility across all aspects of the facility, which takes some guess work out of troubleshooting.

Energy Conservation

It’s no secrete that data centers consume a lot of electricity. In order to calculate how much power is used and consumed, the PUE (power use effectiveness) was introduced. Monitoring controls can help pinpoint where power loss has occurred. The sooner facility staffers can pinpoint where energy loss is coming from, the sooner they can remedy the situation. Studies have shown that data centers can save between 20-30 percent of energy if they deploy a DCIM system.

DCIM isn’t just a tool, it should be looked at as an overall management technique that a data center can use to increase efficiency, avoid downtime and keep an eye on infrastructure. DCIM tools should be tailored to suit the needs of your organization and deployed accordingly. If you have to spend some money to save money then so be it. Workflow productivity will increase as will energy efficiency.

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