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When Is It Time to Find a Colocation Service for Your Business?

Emma Sturgis

Most data centers are only designed to run for a few years. You can try to extend their lives, but the truth is that you can only do so for so long before they become obsolete.

The good news is that the end of your data center does not have to be the end of your data hosting. You can utilize colocation services to fulfill your hosting needs while taking advantage of another’s hosting infrastructure. The only variable is when you should change to colocation hosting

When Your Current Data Center is Financially Unfeasible

The costs associated with running a data center become exponentially higher as you try to extend your data center’s lifespan. You must replace more technology to fulfill growing data volume and throughput requirements. When upgrading your data center becomes financially unfeasible, it’s time to consider colocation services.

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When You Don’t Have Enough Space

Data centers are built to accommodate a projected amount of data. The problem with those predictions is that they are seldom accurate, as data tends to grow at an exponential rate. If your current data center is nearing its limit for storage, then it’s time to consider colocation. Bigger facilities are likely better equipped to handle larger amounts of data.

When You Don’t Have Time to Manage Your Data Center

Managing a data center requires a careful balance between the amount of staff you have and the technology you have. Technology can compensate for human work, which means that more advanced facilities tend to require less human attention to continue running. If managing your aging data center has become too costly for you, then that is yet another sign that colocation may be right for you. You can utilize another company’s technology and staff to more efficiently take care of your data.

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When You Need a Cost-Effective Solution

The biggest challenge with storing large amounts of data pertains to the cost of doing so. A data center is most efficient when it is built, as newer data centers will tend to be more efficient due to the decreased cost of future technologies. If you are currently spending a significant amount of money on your data infrastructure, then it may be time to consider colocation. It can provide a more cost-efficient solution than an aged data center.

When Efficiency Becomes an Issue

As the amount of data that the typical business needs to store becomes larger, data centers will need to continue to be upgraded. You cannot afford the time and potential revenue loss involved in a server failure—not if you want to stay ahead of the competition. An Ottawa IT services expert says your servers should be operating at peak performance to ensure your business stays competitive. Colocation offers you a way to allow another company to take care of the logistics of data storage while doing so in a more cost-efficient way.

By making the switch to colocation at the right time, you’ll decrease your costs while increasing your business’s data storage capabilities.

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